Aldi releases surprising new range of role-play toys

Aldi's latest toy sets reflect the very modern ambitions of children today. Kids are less likely to take on the role of shopkeeper or police officer in their role-play, now it's more likely to be a gamer, DJ or vlogger.

In response to the changing interests of young ones, Aldi's new Playtime Classics range encapsulates the classic quality feel of wooden toys with some thoroughly modern themes.

Highlights of the range include the modern Role Play Sets ($14.99), which come in a range of styles including DJ turntables, vlogger kit and laptop set-up, so kids can be just like their tech-savvy mums and dads.

Boy smiling and playing with Aldi wooden DJ role-playing set; inset vlogging kit and laptop and smart phone kit
Aldi's new wooden role-playing sets are will be a hit for modern kids. Photo: Aldi

Aldi is sure to divide opinion with its new toys, just as Kmart did when it released social media inspired role-play sets.

Former House Rules contestants Lisa and Andy Carmen said: "That vlogger thing is just so sad".

"WTF is the world coming to," another person wrote, while a third called it "incredibly disturbing".

Fortunately for parents who aren't ready to see their children honing their influencer skills just yet, Aldi also has more traditional toys on offer.

The Wooden Play Food Sets ($12.99) are perfect for kids who love being in the kitchen. They're available in a pasta set and cookie set, so if your kid is obsessed with either cooking or baking you're covered.

Three wooden cooking play sets from Aldi
Kids who love cooking will love these Aldi toys. Photo: Aldi

If you have a young environmentalist on your hands, the Wooden Recycling Centre ($29.99) allows little ones to learn all about reusing waste and reducing landfill.

Aldi's recycling plants wooden toy sets
For the mini environmentalists in your home, these recycling plants can show them how it's done. Photo: Aldi

To help your young ones work on their life skills, the Wooden Skill Building Sets ($7.99) are perfect – from a wooden shoe to practice tying laces to a tree where they can work on motor skills by balancing the creatures on the branches.

A shoe lace tying toy, a counting rocket toy and a balance tree toy to helps kids with their life skills
These toys helps kids with their life skills. Photo: Aldi

Help them remember a trip they took – to Sydney, Melbourne or London – with an iconic wood Ferry, Bus or Tram ($29.99), or spark their interest in places afar.

Iconic wooden toy ferry, double decker red bus and tram
Let your little ones relive their travels (or yours) with these iconic toys. Photo: Aldi

The full Aldi Special Buys toys range includes:

  • Wooden Skill Building Sets, $7.99ea

  • Licensed Wood Puzzles 5pk, $8.99ea

  • Wooden Stamp Craft, $9.99

  • Die Cast Trailer Set, $9.99

  • Impossible Puzzles, $9.99ea

  • Wooden Play Food Sets, $12.99ea

  • Dough Sets, $12.99

  • Wooden Role Play Sets, $14.99

  • Shape Sorting Vehicles, $14.99ea

  • Playgo Petcare Sets, $14.99ea

  • Sylvanian Families Nursery, $16.99

  • Assorted Board Games, $19.99ea

  • Monopoly Sore Losers Edition, $19.99

  • Lego City Assorted Playsets, $24.99ea

  • Lego Storage Head, $24.99

  • Fisher-Price Playsets, $24.99ea

  • FurReal Peealots, $24.99ea

  • Pound Puppies, $29.99ea

  • Wooden Recycling Centre, $29.99

  • Wooden Iconic Ferry, Bus or Tram, $29.99ea

  • Minecraft Zombie Book Set, $56.99

The new toy range is available in Aldi stores from Wednesday 1 June.

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