$6.99 Aldi mascara dupe is beauty lovers' best kept secret

A budget beauty buys from popular retailer Aldi has caused a flurry of excitement recently, after one loyal user announced it was better than high-price top-end options.

The supermarket’s Lacura range has attracted loyal following for years thanks to their winning makeup products which retail for a fraction of the price of classic favourites.

Aldi sign budget beauty buy
Aldi has delivered once again with a budget beauty buy that has shoppers raving. Photo: Getty Images

Now their volumising mascara is attracting some serious attention from shoppers who are raving about its value for money, with one woman even saying she was reluctant to share her love for the product in case it sold out.

“Reluctant to share in case they sell out, but best mascara ever!” one woman wrote on an Aldi Facebook fan page. “I’ve tried all the top end expensive brands and I reckon the Aldi one beats them all hands down at only $6.99 each.”


The Lacura 24HR Volume Lashes Mascara retails for just $6.99, where even drugstore brands tend to go for between 415 and $20, and it seems no value is lost in the price savings.

Lacura 24hr Volume Lashes cheap rave reviews
This humble $7 mascara is receiving rave reviews. Photo: Facebook

Hundreds rushed to endorse her love for the product agreeing it was a game-changer for it’s easy removal and impressive volumising.

“Agree!” one lady wrote. “I’ve been through the same and also this is much easier to remove than more downside brands!”

In fact, it seems the product has so many fans that they have been deliberately keeping it under wraps, to keep it on the shelves.

“I agree!!!! I don’t tell anyone,” another wrote.

“My favourite,” another revealed, adding: “This is why I don’t post my faves”.

Some with more sensitive eyes did report the formula can be irritating, recommending the waterproof option as an alternative.

Lacura 24HR Waterproof Lashes budget beauty buy
The Waterproof Lashes option has, if anything, even better reviews than its volumising counterpart. Photo: Facebook

The Lacura 24HR Waterproof Lashes has received similarly rave review from happy shoppers on Facebook.

Last year one lady called it the “best waterproof mascara I've used!”.

“It’s good isn’t it!” another makeup lover agreed at the time. “Honestly, it’s so cheap too it’s better than $20 mascara from chemist warehouse or even a $40 one from Mecca or whatever.”

For those willing to stretch their budget a touch further, a top-line mascara is hard to beat.

One of Sephora Australia’s favourites is the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Lash Brag Mascara in Jet Black, a long-wearing, waterproof option for $47.

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Lash Brag Mascara in Jet Black – $47

Lash Brag Mascara. Photo: Sephora
Lash Brag Mascara. Photo: Sephora

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