Aldi shoppers go wild for budget $4.99 beauty buy

Aldi fans have raved about a budget $4.99 beauty buy online, with one person even saying after they tired it, they decided to ditch the luxury foundation they had been using for this one instead.

The discussion online all started after one Aldi fan took to a Facebook page to give some feedback on the Lacura Beauty Foundation.

photo of an Aldi store in Marsh Lane Bootle, Liverpool.
Shoppers have been debating over one Aldi beauty buy. Photo: Getty Images

The foundation claims to give medium coverage and is both ‘long-lasting and hydrating’ and ‘paraben and oil free’.

“I bought it for the first time this week and I tried it,” the woman started her review.

I have to say it is one of the best or the best low cost foundation I have ever tried. It was easy to apply, not greasy and I had pretty good coverage.”

Lacura Beauty Foundation
The Lacura Beauty Foundation comes in at a bargain $4.99. Photo: Facebook

She went to say she usually spends $60+ high end foundation but this Aldi alternative has made her rethink her beauty spending habits.

Others flocked to the comments section to also gush over the foundation, with one person saying: “I love the foundation and the primer is fantastic as well.”


“Couldn’t agree more, I’ve been using it for years. Great coverage and lasts all day,” another person said.

“Yes I agree. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I love it,” a commenter said.

“I really like it. I ran out of my normal brand and was short on cash. So I tried it. Haven't gone back to the other brand,” a person wrote.

Lacura Beauty Foundation from Aldi being held
While some fans were impressed, others thought the formula was too thick. Photo: Facebook

However, others weren’t as impressed with the foundation, with one person writing: “I bought it twice, months apart to give it another shot, hated it both times. Didn't look nice when it dried.”

“It's horrid. Unless they've improved it from the over thickened state, rather spend $20 on one,” another person wrote.

One person agreed that it was a bit dry, however, they revealed they mixed it itn with another foundation and it was “perfect”.

Another fan said they mixed it in with moisturiser and it was fine, saying it gives good coverage.

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