Aldi is selling a $1000 robo vacuum for half price this week: 'Brilliant little machine'

Get ready to bag yourself a bargain because Aldi is selling it's 'game changing' robot vacuum for half-price.

Robo vacuum Deebot Neo 2.0 in screenshots from an Instagram video.
Aldi fans are racing in store to pick up this latest must-have special buy. Photo: Instagram

Aldi shoppers are raving about the store's latest "game changing" Special Buy as it launches a new robot vacuum at a fraction of the usual price. The budget retailer usual sells out of the ECOVACS DEEBOT NEO Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which goes on sale in the middle aisle around every six months, but this time the popular cleaning product has had a high-tech upgrade.

Aldi fans can now score the new DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS - a robotic vacuum and mop that comes with an auto-empty station, after it went on sale yesterday. The new model is sending shoppers into a spin, with many on social media saying they can't wait to score one.

"Planning to buy for my husband's birthday... for his share of the housework," one person wrote on Instagram. Meanwhile, others said it would be a cleaning "game-changer" for their home.

Screenshots from a video about an Aldi vacuum.
The Aldi vacuum cleaner is sending shoppers into a spin. Photo: Instagram

Aside from the upgrade and the fact that it is packed with features, the price is what's getting shoppers excited, with the vacuum usually priced at $999, on sale at 50 per cent off for $499.

The upgraded version offers a complete, hands-free cleaning solution. It not only vacuums and mops at the same time, depending on which surface it is on, but it empties and cleans itself using the auto-empty docking station. The five-litre built-in disposable dust bag can last up to 150 days without having to be emptied, making the floor cleaning process almost completely hands-free.


The unit also has 5000Pa suction power, LDS technology, carpet detection, three hours runtime and Smart Navi 3.0 laser navigation with 360-degree rotation and a 6.5m scan range.

In the past, the Aldi vacuums have disappeared off shelves pretty fast, with hundreds of shoppers calling the original model the “best vacuum” they’ve had.

Robo vacuum at charging station
The system comes with smart home device hands-off controls via Google Home or Amazon Echo. Photo: Supplied

“I bought one and used the vac function, and my life is changed forever,” one person raved on the Aldi Fans Australia Facebook page the last time a robot vac went on sale.

“I've got one. Have it set on auto-clean 4 days a week. Brilliant little machine,” another raved.

"I bought one from Aldi years ago. I have no complaints here; I'm still using it!" commented a third.


It's expected that the newer model will be another popular Special Buy, with an Aldi spokesperson saying they are looking forward to offering the latest version to customers.

"We're excited about the arrival of the ECOVACS DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS to Aldi's Special Buys aisle.

Robo vacuum cleaning floors
Using ultrasonic sensors it navigates around carpets during mopping and boosts suction in the single-sweep mode for effective dust removal from carpet crevices. Photo: Supplied

"The new product is packed with innovation, including an auto-empty station, and offers a wide array of convenient functions, all for the incredible AldiI price of just $499," the spokesperson said.

"It's the perfect choice for customers seeking to streamline their cleaning routine and reclaim valuable time in their day."

And as usual, if you are keen to get your hands on one, you had better get in quick! They are only available until stocks last.

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