Aldi $3 instant mashed potato hailed as an 'absolute game-changer'

Aldi shoppers have once again set the internet alight after revealing a $3 product they can’t get enough of.

Posting in an Aldi Facebook group, one woman called the Instant Mashed Potato a ‘winner’ with people agreeing with her in the comments section, with one person calling it an “absolute game changer”.

Aldi sign
Aldi shoppers have caused one $3 item to go viral online. Photo: AAP

The mashed potato is found in the freezer section of Aldi and on the pack, it says there are “no artificial colours or flavours” and “no preservatives” in the pack.

One person said it was the “best thing Aldi has ever come out with”, saying they put it in the microwave with a bit of butter.

Others said it saved them a heap of time when they were making cottage pie and claimed it “does not taste artificial at all”.


Aldi Instant Mashed Potato
The Instant Mashed Potato is a big hit with Aussie shoppers. Photo: Facebook

“Frozen mashed potato is definitely a game changer” one person said.

“We had it with lamb shank today and we love it,” another person wrote.

It comes just after fans caused a stir over Aldi’s new Mac & Cheese Crispbakes.

“Saw these on the shelf in Aldi Australia. New item. Has anyone tried these? Air fryer vs oven?” on person wrote online.

mashed potato in a bowl
People have called the mash a 'game changer'. Photo: Stock image from Getty Images

Other shoppers excitedly said they’d already tried them saying they were just as good as they looked.

“These are next level Amazing yum,” one shopper said.

“They are sooo good!! Highly recommend,” added another.

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