Aldi lunch hack using $2 product sends fans wild: 'I'm stocking up!'

One woman's thrifty lunch item has Aldi fans rushing to the store.

You can’t get much for $2 these days, so it’s not hard to see why Aldi shoppers are totally losing it over one of the store’s new seasonal products.

Sharing the find to a popular Aldi Fans Australia Facebook page, one woman raved about the Urban Eats Vietnamese Style Chicken Flavoured Pho bowl revealing how she hacks the instant soup to make a tasty meal in minutes.

Aldi lunch hack
The super quick and tasty soup has been hacked by dozens of Aldi fans turning it into their perfect work lunch. Source: Facebook

“Oh, boy!! This Pho Bowl is AMAZING!!!” She wrote.

“Eat as is, or add extras - I used Brocollini and some diced roast chicken. I'm going back tomorrow to stock up. The best part - it's $1.99!!!”

The delicious-looking three-ingredient meal hack sent fellow fans into a frenzy with many keen to get their hands on the limited-time product too.


Those who had already tried it agreed it was “very good” for the price and went well with other additions including bok choy, and bean sprouts along with a “squeeze of lemon and some coriander”.

Dubbed the 'perfect lunch', shoppers said they had started to stock up on the item because it offered such an easy and budget work lunch solution.

One person took it one step further by adding Aldi’s frozen dumplings & gyoza to the soup too. Another part of the Urban Eats range, the $8.99 gyoza packs come in vegetable and prawn flavours while the $8.99 packs of dumplings are available in beef, pork and chicken.

“My partner is obsessed with these! They taste amazing,” one person exclaimed.

“I agree, it is bloody good,” another offered.

Aldi lunch hack
The Pho bowl varieties have become super popular thanks to their affordable price. Source: Aldi

“I have tried all the favours, they were all very good. And at that price I was very surprised,” added a third.

The instant noodle bowls come in several flavours including yakisoba-flavoured noodles and Vietnamese-style vegetable-flavoured pho bowls. There are also curry-flavoured varieties.

The instant dinner hack has made its way over to TikTok too with several videos demonstrating how people are hacking the quick snack to make it into an easy-to-make meal.

“These noodles from Aldi will change your life,” one TikToker named gracemayrobinson declared before demonstrating how she prepares her version of the lunch hack.

“The first time I saw these in Aldi, I wasn’t expecting much,” the TikToker began, but she says to her surprise the noodle bowl was packed with the perfect amount of seasoning and condiments and tasted “so good”.

Aldi lunch hack
TikTokers have even jumped on the bandwagon reviewing the noodle bowls. Source: TikTok/@gracemayrobinson

Her post had fans saying they were “running to Aldi” to try them out with hundreds who had already tried them agreeing they were “so good”.

“The vege ones are my food obsession right now,” one person agreed.

“About time someone notices these! They’re amazing,” another said with a third adding “Literally taste so close to actual Pho! I wasn’t telling anyone I was gatekeeping these for real.”

But despite being just $2 not everyone was a fan with some saying the meal had “absolutely no nutritional value”.

Another chimed in saying they “weren’t really that impressed with it”.

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