ALDI selling giant frozen Ferrero Rocher Christmas dessert

Aldi has left shoppers absolutely delighted with the announcement they will be selling a giant, frozen Ferrero Rocher for Christmas.

The announcement has yet only been made in the UK, with the decadent dessert set to hit freezers in time for it to be the Christmas pudding of dreams.

Aldi Australia not yet confirmed Hazelnut praline Christmas buy dessert
Aldi has prompted a wave of excitement with a Christmas special buy. Photo: Getty Images

Aldi hasn’t confirmed whether the dessert will be available in Australia as of yet, though they did confirm to Yahoo Lifestyle that they haven’t released the Christmas range yet.

With the store set to unveil the Christmas buys in September, the possibility of the dessert reaching Aussie shores is still very much on the cards.

The enormous treat looks just like one of the delightful truffles cut in half, making a dome shape, though it’s official title is not aligned with the Italian chocolate company, rather it will be called the Specially Selected Chocolate and Praline Dome.

Specially Selected Chocolate and Praline Dome from, Aldi Christmas Ferrero Rocher dessert
The Specially Selected Chocolate and Praline Dome hasn't been confirmed for Aussie shoppers yet. Photo: Getty Images/ Aldi

Inside the crisp chocolate exterior lies a multi-layered world of goodness.

A milk chocolate and hazelnut mousse, layered with a chocolate feuilletine - a crispy flake made from crepe batter crisped into a shell-like consistency – on top of a chocolate sponge.

Keeping the whole thing together is the signature chocolate layer peppered with hazelnut pieces.

The dessert sparked a frenzy among Aldi fans, many who suggested the dessert looked so good it may even redeem the terrible year that was.

“Yum,” one wrote. “Come to mama.”

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Finally some good news in this cesspit of a year,” another agreed.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Could Aldi Uk save 2020?” was the bold question posed by another delighted fan, who concluded ‘possibly’ over the upcoming dessert.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Not everyone was so impressed, however, pointing out a rather unfortunate doppelganger of the dessert’s.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter


Aldi Australia will release its Christmas buys in September, and shoppers are sure to be scanning the catalogue for any sign of the ultimate Christmas pudding that we will all deserve after a truly shambolic year.

Best of all, unlike fancy Christmas logs or elaborate cakes, the Aldi buy is retailing for just £4.99 or $9, meaning if Aussies do get their hands on the dessert it will be a whole Christmas pudding for less than $10.

If you’re worried the price means they will be skimping on the size you have nothing to worry about – the dessert weighs half a kilo.

It’s not the first Aldi buy to spark come serious excitement among shoppers.

Earlier this month Aldi announced a new Special Buy item that sent shoppers wild – a spin bike which is just $199, compared with typical models which retail at around $400.

Similarly, a new ‘game-changing’ freezer item, had shoppers besides themselves.

Tammy of the Aldi Lovers Australia Instagram account shared a photo of zucchini noodles or zoodles as they're commonly known, which are now available in the freezer aisle, prompting a wave of excitement from online bargain hunters.

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