Aldi mum's 'hilarious' coronavirus catalogue edit

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An Aldi fan has left her fellow shoppers in stitches amid the devastating coronavirus pandemic by sharing her hilarious ‘edit’ to the discount store’s weekly Special Buys catalogue.

Mum-of-two Erin, from Victoria, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that, when she came across the ‘Spot’ children’s books featured on one of the pages, she decided to have a bit of fun and reinvent the titles for a COVID-19 audience.

Aldi mum's 'hilarious' coronavirus catalogue edit. Photo: Facebook/ErinKlein (supplied).
Aldi mum's 'hilarious' coronavirus catalogue edit. Photo: Facebook/ErinKlein (supplied).

“After being on lockdown in VIC since basically March, it’s kind of taken a toll, so I’ve been trying to find humour in the situation,” she says.

“I came across the ‘Spot’ books and thought wow, Spot has the life, doesn’t he? If he was a Victorian puppy he wouldn’t be doing any of those things,” she explains.

So she snapped a photo of the page with her phone and proceeded to tweak the stories to reflect the state’s strict Stage 3 (and in some places, Stage 4) lockdown measures.

“Spot Goes To School” became “Spot Doesn’t Go To School,” while the pup’s visits to the park and his grandparents’ were also vetoed.


Erin admits that parenting two young kids in lockdown has left them all a ‘bit nuts’ and yearning for more time outside; “[My kids would] love to be able to go on all the adventures Spot is having!”

After having a giggle to herself over her tongue-in-cheek work, Erin decided to share the laughs with others.

“I thought it was pretty funny so I shared it on the Aldi [Facebook] page to brighten someone else’s day. I can’t believe it’s gone viral.

“I was so happy that so many people thought it was as funny as I did! Admittedly it’s a bit sad but we have to keep laughing.”

Many of her fellow Facebookers jumped into the comments to thank Erin for adding some light relief to what is a difficult time.

“Hahaha that’s sooo bloody funny. I spat my drink laughing!” wrote one.

“That’s hilarious! Good work!” said another.

One had a bright idea for the next title in the ‘Spot’ series:

“New book — ‘Spot is bored AF’,” they joked.

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