'God help us': Aldi brings back iconic special buy

Aldi's iconic rocking chair is officially returning as one of the supermarket's special buy.

The ever-popular nursery rocking chair returns with a slightly different look, the catalogue reveals it will feature "new superior comfort design", "new luxe diamond button tufting" and "new linen-feel fabric".

Aldi supermarket
Aldi is returning with its iconic special buy – the rocking chair. Photo: Getty

The chair, which costs $199, flew off shelves the previous times it was available and is likely to do the same again.

One Aldi worker jokingly wrote, "It's back! God help us hahaha," in the Aldi Fans Australia page.

One commenter joked, "I want another baby now."

Aldi rocking chair
One Aldi worker joked, "God help us," after revealing the chair was back for sale. Photo: Facebook

“I'm so ready for this,” one excited shopper wrote on Facebook last time it was available earlier this year.

“I’ve wanted this rocking chair for ages! I don’t wanna miss out this time,” another person said in preparation for the special buys.

Shoppers rave over Aldi's cult classic rocking chair

Others who were successful in purchasing the grey armchair at previous sales also took to social media to share the news with friends and family, and rave about the product.

“Worth the money and love rocking my grandson - comfy and love the deep seat of the rocker,” was one comment.

“I got the chair and still use it,” another wrote.

Not worth the hype?

However, some parents who purchased the chair previously warned against buying into the hype.

“It’s not feeding friendly. I made my husband go and wrestle to get one a couple of years ago. Put it together all excited and it was the most uncomfortable chair ever,” was one person’s comment.

“Overrated!!! I wouldn’t buy it again if I were to have another child,” was another mum’s response.

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