Aldi fans swear by this 'incredible' kitchen item that lasts for years

Everyone knows the pain of going to cover a dish or wrap some food only to discover there's only a sliver of cling wrap left, but with this bulk-buy wrap from Aldi, that is far less likely to happen.

The Goliath XXL BPA-free Cling Wrap is a whopping 600 metres, and customers are saying it literally lasts for years.

"Finally finished a really great buy that's for real," one woman posted in an Aldi Fans Facebook group, along with a picture of the product that has a date of July 2019 written on top.

A roll of cling film from Aldi that lasted three years
The poster was surprised at how long the Aldi XXL cling wrap lasted for her family. Photo: Facebook

Other users were equally impressed and had similar stories to share.

"My 600m lasted 12 years," one wrote. "Just saying I started my first one 2007 and finished it in 2019."

"I purchased one of those for my son's 21st birthday party thinking I would use it in one night," another commented. "Five years later I was still using the same roll, lol."

"Mine's been going for 7 years... still going strong," another said.


"I have had its smaller brother for nearly 5 years. I don't think it's going to end," a fourth wrote.

"It is an incredible buy," confirmed someone else.

"You save a lot of money. Same with the kitchen paper, I buy the big roll. Lasts forever too."

"I will be dead by the time ours runs out," another person joked.

Woman putting plastic food wrap over plate of fresh fruits at wooden table, top view
Cling wrap is still a necessity in many households. Photo: Getty Images

Goliath cling wrap from Aldi is even recommended by CHOICE, who gave it a 78% rating last year with a very good sealing performance score and a very good result for their microwave reheat test.

They also praised the packet's smooth cutting action, noting no pulling or tearing.

The Goliath XXL 600m Cling Wrap will be available at Aldi next Wednesday 26 October for $13.99.

Other members of the group were just pleased to find out they weren't the only ones who put dates on items in their pantries.

"I write the date on the back when I open them to know how long they last!" one commented.

"Happy to see others 'date' the box. I also add the price just for comparison," another person shared.

TikToker Alice James shows how she discovered a hack to keep the cling wrap roll in place.
TikToker's simple tricks to unroll cling film smoothly and evenly every time. Photo: TikTok/@alicekjames

There's also another little secret about cling wrap packaging that many people still don't know about.

The tabs at each end of the box actually push in to secure the roll in place and when one TikTok user shared the hack, people were stunned they hadn't worked this out before.

"I was today years old when I learnt this, omg," one viewer wrote.

"Game changer! I have put up with this for over 40 years and, yes!" commented a second.

"You have changed my life. Thank you!" a third added.

While a happy husband commented, "I just showed my wife this, now she thinks I'm a genius. Thanks!"

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