Aldi fan lifts the lid on unusual job requirement: 'Ridiculous'

People have been left shocked by a recruitment process undertaken by the retail giant.

A job-seeker has lifted the lid on Aldi's employment tests, revealing a strange detail about the retail giant's recruitment process.

Sharing the criteria on a Facebook page for Aldi fans, the person revealed that a relative of theirs had been asked to prove their fitness during a job interview with Aldi.

The retail company asked the job-seeker to partake in a Zoom call where she'd be asked to do a series of aerobic exercises, including push-ups, sit-ups, and star jumps.

“Is this really part of the interview process or just an overzealous manager?” they asked.

Many Aldi fans were shocked to learn about the hiring technique.

"Seriously, this world's gone mad," one person commented, with another saying, "Ridiculous, who do they think they are?"

"I would exit that Zoom call so fast," another person stated.

Aldi sign
An Aldi fan has shared a surprising detail about Aldi's recruitment process.

'A prerequisite'

However, some fans weren't shocked to hear about the criteria.

“The Zoom meeting would have been a medical, it’s not part of the interview but a prerequisite for getting a job at ALDI,” one person said.

“You usually receive instructions on where to set up your computer and that you will need space to be able to demonstrate some exercises etc. and wear something comfy. It’s part of the normal recruitment process.”


Another person said the reason behind it was to make sure people weren't covering any existing injuries and for the company to make sure you can perform certain duties within the store physically.

“My housemate interviewed and does currently work for Aldi and this is legit," they wrote.

"The Zoom call is with their physio to be able to determine that you can perform certain duties and you aren’t hiding any existing injuries so later you can’t pin them with work cover or a lawsuit.”

A current Aldi worker said while they thought it was weird at the time, they realise now how necessary undertaking a Zoom medical was for the job.

"I started at Aldi a year ago now and I had to do a Zoom medical assessment," they wrote. "I thought it was weird at the time, but now I realise how necessary it is, you definitely need a certain level of fitness to be competent in the job."


In a statement to, an Aldi spokesperson confirmed the recruitment process.

“Considering the physical nature of some of ALDI’s positions, we require a virtual physical medical assessment to be completed by an accredited third-party assessor for relevant roles,” the spokesperson said.

“A physiotherapist conducts the assessment, which includes a variety of light exercises to ensure that the applicant is physically able to safely complete the tasks required in the job position.

“This follows an initial interview and is not the first gateway in the application process. Candidates that reach this stage are informed of the medical assessment in advance, as part of our recruitment process.”

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