Aldi praised for cheeky OnlyFans jab: 'Deserves a raise'

Fans of Aldi have noticed a cheeky new edge to their marketing strategy.

Aldi fans have praised the store for its cheeky advertising, shouting out that someone on the marketing team deserves a raise after some funny quips have been spotted in the store's catalogues.

Taking to Reddit, one Aldi lover uploaded a new catalogue with a page of Aldi's fans and dehumidifiers on offer and they used one very clever pun to advertise the specials — OnlyFans, of course.

People on Reddit were quick to praise the humour, saying they had noticed a trend in Aldi's latest advertising.

'Nailed advertising'

"I've noticed over the last 6 months the wording has got cheeky and funny, someone fun got a job there and is running with it," one person commented.

"Someone deserves a raise," another said.

"The kind you get from only fans?" one person joked back.

And, of course, a few people had to make their own dirty jokes.

"But how well do they... blow?" one person said. "I'll see myself out."

Aldi's cheeky caption. Photo:
Aldi's cheeky caption. Photo:

"Someone in their marketing team has a talent for this," someone pointed out. "Only last week we were graced with an ad for ‘Aldidas’ slides in Aldi colours. Shameless lot."

"In a recent Father's Day-themed catalogue the title was 'Hello Hungry, I'm Dad', on a page listing foods that were on special," another said.


The brand was also praised for their other advertising efforts, including TV.

"Also their TV ads are pretty funny too!" one person pointed out.

"Their radio ads are the best," another added. "They’ve nailed advertising."

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