'Prophetic' Aldi fail takes out 2020 with a bang

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Most of us just can’t wait for 2020 to be over.

Between catastrophic bushfires, dangerous air quality, oh and a global pandemic its been a year of biblical proportions.

Image of Aldi store
Aldi is rushing us out of 2020 if a calendar glitch is anything to go by. Photo: Getty Images

It seems one person had the hindsight to plan an early out of the year, even before any of the events came to pass, as an Aldi shopper discovered when he flipped his calendar over for the last month of the year.

It turns out, according to the calendar, he should have been celebrating right then and there, as a glitch saw December 1 labelled ‘New Year’s Eve’.

“According to ALDI tonight is New Year’s Eve,” he wrote alongside a snap of the faulty calendar in a Facebook post. “May need to buy calendars somewhere else this year.”

"ALDI - STUPID Different."

Onlookers praise Aldi’s early New Year

Image of Aldi calendar with new years eve mistakenly printed on December 1
The calendar jumped the gun when it came to celebrating the end of the year. Photo: Facebook

The rather irate response was not matched by other shoppers, however, who argued that the mix up was a fortuitous opportunity to bring the year to a close earlier than expected.

“I don't know, I wouldn't be calling them stupid - I would be calling them prophetic – wanting to get us out of 2020 asap!” one insightful lady wrote in the comments.

“Why not it's 2020,” another agreed.

Others suggested a month of New Years Eve celebrations couldn’t be more appropriate after the true stinker of a year that’s been.


“It’s been a crazy year,” one pointed out. “Think we need a whole month to celebrate its end!”

“Perfect!” another agreed. “Where’s the party at? New Year’s resolution starts tomorrow!”

It’s not the first time an Aldi error has raised eyebrows online, although it was a fake error that really got customers giggling this year.

In a snap that Aldi has since claimed was a hoax by an unknown shopper, a popular upholstered stool was photographed with the label ‘blow job stool’ in a Spanish store.

Aldi later confirmed they do not, in fact, stock blow job stools in any of their international stores, and said the photo was either photoshopped or an in-store printing prank.

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