ALDI brings back colour changing gin for Summer

Aldi will have fans rejoicing with the return of a liquor favourite set to spark up summer and put the silly in the silly season.

The budget supermarket has revealed they will be bringing back their famous McQueen Forest Fruits Colour Changing Gin as of next week.

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied

The $49.99 bottle will be on shelves from Wednesday the 28th of October by popular demand, the supermarket says.

The magical drop is best known for changing colour when mixed with tonic or given a twist of lemon.

Hailing from Scotland, the craft gin is made using the Butterfly Pea Flower. The flower, known scientifically by the name Clitoria Ternatea.

McQueen blue Aldi gin
The blue gin turns pink when added to ingredients like tonic water and citrus. Photo: Supplied


Added to gin, the ingredient causes the alcohol to switch from a vibrant blue to a radiant pink thanks to a PH shift caused by the extra ingredients.

First cropping up last year in Aussie shelves, the gin caused waves among fans eager to soak up the summer with a colourful gin in hand.

This year we’re betting it’s going to be a mad dash to the liquor section, as we could all do with something a little colourful after a very grey year indeed.

Aldi is a big winner when it comes to budget drops. Photo: Getty Images
Aldi is a big winner when it comes to budget drops. Photo: Getty Images

It’s not the only time Aldi has wowed with a fan favourite drop of adult apple juice.

The supermarket regularly goes up against high-end labels with their budget offerings and comes out on top.

Last week the supermarket’s $18 wine beat competing brands valued over $100 for the top wine prize at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show.

ALDI’s Blackstone Paddock Cabernet Sauvignon from the Margaret River was this year’s lucky winner of the wine show’s renowned Max Schubert AM Trophy for Most Outstanding Red Wine in Show.

Last year the supermarket was also a winner at Yahoo Lifestyle HQ, when we put their $35 whiskey up against a vintage bottle worth more than $200 with shocking results.

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