Hilarious X-rated response to Aldi ice-cream: 'Thats gold'

A mum has left the internet in stitches after revealing her eight-year-old son’s X-rated quip over a tub of Aldi ice-cream.

She took to an Aldi fans page to upload a picture of the brand new tub of chocolate chip ice-cream after it had just been opened.

Aldi logo
And Aldi customer has revealed a hilarious quip her eight-year-old son made when she opened the brand's ice-cream. Photo: Getty Images

“My Mr 8 opened chocolate chip ice cream I bought from Aldi his response was,

Look mum a boobies oh god I laughed he even said it has nipples. Boys lol,” she captioned the photo.

Indeed, there’s no denying the similarity, with the close-up snap proving to be a bit hit with the Facebook community.

“That’s gold,” one person wrote, while another said: “My partner said the same thing when he opened ours lol”.

“Well...its a bit cold in the freezer,” one person commented, while another said: “Well, he's kind of right”.


aldi ice-cream
There's no denying the ice-cream looks like one body part in particular. Photo: Facebook

“Yep, we get the vanilla. My girls say it looks like butt cheeks,” one mum said.

Others said they couldn’t look at the ice-cream the same again, with one person commenting: “Just opened a fresh tub of cookies and cream and had to look twice... Boobies”.

“My hubbys eyes popped. Then yells..."That's it! We're going to ALDI!!!,” another person wrote.

It comes just days after an X-rated ‘vagina’ cake went viral online.

Posted in a Facebook group, it wasn’t long before people descended into the comments section, comparing the two-tiered delight to the female genitalia.

cake that looks like a vagina
It comes just a few days after this cake went viral. Photo: Facebook

Adorned with a ‘50 & Fabulous’ cake topper, the creation featured a quilted first tier, with mini pearl-like adornments. However, it’s the base tier that has caused the commotion online, with people losing it over the ruffled pink icing.

“Ummmmmm…. It’s not just me, right?”, the poster of the photo captioned the snap, with people immediately responding, ensuring her that she was most certainly not alone in her thoughts.

“This is what happens when you ask for a pink fortune cookie cake,” one person wrote, with a commenter responding saying: “So we can start calling that our ‘fortune cookie’?”

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