'Genius' Aldi trolley hack solves speedy checkout woes

The infamous Aldi checkouts have left many shoppers stumped trying to keep up with the speed your groceries end up being spat out at you at the other end.

But if you happen to be shopping with a second person, one savvy mum has come up with a ‘genius’ hack to combat the Aldi checkout, particularly if you find you’re still unloading the trolley when the staff want to start scanning items.

A customer places organic products on a conveyor belt at checkout at an Aldi supermarket in Velbert, Germany, 13 March 2015. This week the discount supermarket is expanding its organic selection. Over 50 certified organic articles will soon be offered under the house brand 'GutBio.' Photo: OLIVER BERG/dpa | usage worldwide   (Photo by Oliver Berg/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Aldi checkouts can be hard to keep up with. Photo: Getty

“This is how you do it ladies,” the woman said, posting a video in the popular Aldi Mums Facebook group.

She explained her husband puts a second trolley at the end of the checkout so he can simply fill it as the worker scans them - and she has time to finish unloading the rest.


Hubby even seemed to be enjoying his contribution, occasionally flicking items quicker than they were being scanned.

aldi checkout hack
Bring your hubby and a second trolley to make things easier. Photo: Facebook

The post got hundreds of comments from fellow Aldi shoppers who dubbed the idea ‘genius’.

“We've been packing it wrong all this time,” one person said.

“I might try this,” another wrote.

And many said they already do something similar, but it all depends on how you load the items onto the belt in the first place. Oh and watch the eggs.

“That's what I do too. I put all the heavy stuff first and then the lighter stuff and because they scan it quick, I slide it into the trolley,” one person said.

“Haha love it! But my OCD isn't coping well,” another quipped.

Buffalo, New York, USA- September 2, 2019: Aldi food market in Buffalo, New York, USA. Aldi is the common brand of two German family-owned discount supermarket chains.
Many customers fear the Aldi checkout. Photo: Getty

Earlier this year another savvy Aldi customer shared an equally simple solution for dealing with the supermarket’s much talked-about ‘checkout challenge’.

The shopper refused to let the checkout experience get the better of her and spotted a simple solution while shopping in Bunnings.

“Square tubs from Bunnings that fit perfectly in Aldi’s trolleys,” the excited woman wrote in the Bunnings Mums Australia Facebook group, along with a photo of two Bunnings Ezy Storage Tubs sitting neatly in an Aldi trolley.

The customer wrote being able to grab groceries from the checkout and slide them right into the tubs to make shopping at Aldi easier.

“So easy to get groceries in and out of the car!” she wrote.

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