Aldi's $20 Special Buy causes 'disgusting' frenzy

Aldi had shoppers going wild on Saturday as the supermarket released two products that are in particularly high demand by fans of the retailer – an $89 eight litre air fryer and cast aluminium pots and pans which started at just $19.99.

Videos and photos shared to the Aldi Fans Australia Facebook group showed very long lines outside of a western Sydney store and insane scenes inside, as customers neglected to follow social distancing protocol.

Aldi frenzy over the supermarket's Special Buys
Aldi fans have shared photos and video of people going into 'disgusting' frenzy over the supermarket's Special Buys. Photo: Facebook

One Facebook user shared video of their local store at 8:22am on Saturday morning with the queue snaking around the carpark.

One amused user commented, "Omg the pots are on sale... Please film the fights that happen inside over them!"


"This is nuts," a shocked fan commented, while another joked, "Toilet rolls AGAIN!"

"WOW... What’s so good that need to queue for!!??" another wrote.

One Aldi worker commented, "We had just about the same queue... was crazy to see!

"We had to open up 5 registers this morning within the first 2-3 minutes, air fryer, heaters and all pots and pans are already sold out. And of course, I already have customers yelling at me to get more in."

Aldi customers queue outside western Sydney store
Video shared to Facebook showed very long lines outside of a western Sydney store. Photo: Facebook
aldi special buys queue
The line snaked around the carpark. Photo: Facebook

"The first 5 people will get the special and everyone else will go home pissed," another shopper wrote.

"How many pots and pans does the average person need? I have had the same set for over 50 years," someone else questioned.

In another video one user wrote, "Omg really people need to get a life. Disgusting behaviour."

Others reported seeing some customers hoarding the items, "I saw a woman at Aldi Greensborough Plaza yesterday with a trolley full of the pots and pans. She had them stacked two and three high lol."

Some urged Aldi to take responsibility for the scenes, "Aldi should take some responsibility. This happens all the time. They encourage it. I'm talking about upper management, not the good people that work in store," one man wrote.

An Aldi spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle, "Occasionally, heightened anticipation for a particular product has attracted more customers at once than usual, resulting in large lines. While we are happy that customers are excited for our Special Buys, for their own safety and the safety of our employees, we need our customers to respect social distancing measures and remember to keep at least 1.5 metres apart from each other at all times, both in and outside of our stores.

"There are a series of social distancing measures in place across all stores to help with this, including 1.5 metre social distancing floor markers at our checkouts. We ask everyone to respect these policies, follow the directions of our store teams and show cooperation, patience and understanding when shopping at Aldi."

Missed out on an Aldi bargain? Here are some other great options

With only so much stock available during the Special Buys not everyone leaves a happy customer.

So if you weren't lucky at Aldi — or just preferred to avoid the crowds — here are just a few retailers stocking popular cookware you can shop right now.

Kmart's Cast Iron Casserole Pot:

Kmart cast-iron casserole dish
Kmart sells a cast-iron casserole dish in numerous colours for $29. Photo: Kmart

Harris Scarfe cast iron 30cm fry pan:

Harris Scarfe has this frypan on sale now for just $39.95. Photo: Harris Scarfe
Harris Scarfe has this frypan on sale now for just $39.95. Photo: Harris Scarfe

Harris Scarfe Luxe Cast Iron Casserole 5L:

Harris Scarfe Casserole dish
You can also grab this cast iron casserole dish from Harris Scarfe for $119.99. Photo: Harris Scarfe

Kogan's Ovela 30cm Cast Iron French Pan & 26cm Casserole Dish Bundle:

Kogan sells this red cast iron French pan and casserole dish
Kogan sells this red cast iron French pan and casserole dish for $99.99. Photo: Kogan

Le Creuset Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish:

Le Creuset casserole dish
Should you decide to splurge, this Le Creuset casserole dish is available from $320. Photo: Le Creuset

Kmart's 7-litre Air Fryer:

Kmart sells a 7-litre air fryer
Kmart sells a 7-litre air fryer for $119. Photo: Kmart

Kogan 12L 1800W Digital Air Fryer Oven:

Kogan's 1800W air fryer
Kogan also has a 12L 1800W air fryer available. Photo: Kogan

Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer available at The Good Guys:

Ninja Dual Zone air fryer
You can grab a Ninja Dual Zone air fryer from The Good Guys for $249. Photo: The Good Guys

Tefal Easy Fry Classic Air Fryer available at The Good Guys:

Tefal Air Fryer
The Good Guys also stock the Tefal Easy Fry Classic Air Fryer for $129. Photo: The Good Guys

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