Woolies shoppers lose it over bizarre toilet paper substitution

With new cases of Covid in Sydney, panic buying is once again back in full swing and toilet paper has been difficult to find, but it seems some supermarkets might have a substitute!

One angry Facebook user took to the Marrickville Ranting/Complaints group to share what she was sent instead of toilet paper after ordering some groceries online.

One angry customer was given incontinence underwear instead of toilet paper. Photo: Facebook
One angry customer was given incontinence underwear instead of toilet paper. Photo: Facebook

"You know when the toilet paper hoarding bastards are at it again?" they wrote. "When you order toilet f**king paper in your Woolworths f**king delivery, and they SUBSTITUTE with incontinence pants! That's f**king when!"

"What brilliant mind in Woolworths thought that the solution to not having toilet paper is to GO IN YOUR PANTS???" they questioned, before adding, "And they put enough thought into it to give us his and hers options."


Members of the group were quick to comment with one user joking, "OMG I laughed so hard I wished I was wearing incontinence pants!!"

"This is the best," another said, while someone else wrote, "Holy sh*t this is thigh slapping good."

"At least they weren't kids pull ups," one user said.

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle: "We know it's frustrating when an online order isn't picked quite right and we apologise to the customer for missing the mark on this occasion.

"Our team of personal shoppers work hard to pick perfect orders for our customers every time, but they're human and don't always get it right.

Woolworths empty toilet paper aisle
Supermarkets across Greater Sydney have been experiencing shortages of toilet paper. Photo: Getty

"We're always happy to offer refunds when we miss the mark and will contact the customer to offer one on this product."

Both Woolworths and Coles have introduced limits at stores across Greater Sydney and some in the Central Coast.

Woolworths Supermarkets NSW General Manager, Michael Mackenzie assured customers that while there had been an increase in demand for toilet paper, it wouldn't be a repeat of the shortage that was seen during the first wave of Covid earlier this year.

"While demand is nowhere near the levels we saw earlier this year, we’re taking a preventative step ahead of the busy pre-Christmas trade.

"We have plenty of toilet paper stock to draw on from our suppliers and it will continue to flow into stores in large volumes," he said.

A Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they were also introducing limits to manage customer demand.

"To help manage increased customer demand, toilet paper and paper towel has a temporary two-pack per customer limit at Coles supermarkets and Coles Express stores, as well as for Coles Online orders.

"We will continue to monitor availability of these products and ask that customers only buy what they need to help ensure everyone in the community can access everyday essentials."

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