Aldi shopper's 'unbelievable' checkout act leaves mum in tears

Kristine Tarbert
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An Aldi shopper's incredibly kind checkout act for a complete stranger has gone viral online, after a mum revealed she was left in tears by the generous move.

The Aussie mum took to a popular Aldi Facebook page to share the experience, explaining she realised a packet of nappies hadn't been scanned by the checkout worker, but when she went to pay for those – having already paid for her other groceries – her card declined.

Shopping carts are lined up on the parking lot of an Aldi supermarket
The generous move that left an Aussie mum in tears at an Aldi supermarket. Photo: Getty

“The cashier didn’t see the nappies at the end of my shop and so scanned them through as a second transaction," the woman wrote.

“My card, for whatever reason, was declined. I tried three times then said to the cashier, ‘No worries, I will have to come back another day."


That's when she said a woman standing in line behind her offered to pay for them instead.

"As I walked out the front door I burst into tears, I think for the surprise gesture and the fact that she wanted to make sure my child would have nappies when I got home," she added.

“I will absolutely be paying this forward. People still care about others and a special few will go the extra mile!”

aldi checkout
The woman's card declined so a stranger stepped in to help. Photo: Getty

The kind act was also applauded by fellow shoppers with one person saying the story "made my morning".

“I’m blubbering right now! Always thankful when our faith in other people is rewarded. Bless,” another person said.

"That's so unbelievably kind," was another comment.

In March, a similar act at another Aldi store also went viral, after a different shopper found herself in the awkward spot of not being able to pay for her groceries.

Two strangers came forward at the time to give her a hand and pay for her shopping.

"Such a beautiful moment of human nature. Karma Bank topped up for you gorgeous ladies!" the shopper wrote.

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