Aldi shopper's surprising toilet paper discovery that saves you $4

An eagle-eyed Aldi shopper has made a surprising discovery about the supermarket's budget toilet paper.

Taking to Facebook, an Aldi customer uploaded a photo of her Confidence branded toilet paper, as she was surprised to see it featured the Quilton logo printed on the cardboard inside the roll.

Aldi shopper surprising discovery supermarket's budget toilet paper
An eagle-eyed Aldi shopper has made a surprising discovery about the supermarket's budget toilet paper. Photo: Facebook

It seems that Quilton is made by ABC Tissue, the same manufacturer of Aldi's Confidence brand, except a 24-pack of Confidence costs $7.99 or 33 cents a roll, while Quilton's costs $12 or 50 cents a roll, meaning Aldi customers are saving $4 on their purchase of the same product.

"Is the Aldi Confidence toilet paper made by Quilton with a different print and cheaper price?!" the user wrote on Facebook. "Someone in manufacturing forgot to change the 'core' for the Aldi toilet roll!"

"I always suspected this!" one user commented. "Love the price and the quality!"


"I don’t know about this brand specifically but I wouldn’t be surprised," another wrote. "Lots of big companies do this purposely as part of their marketing strategy so they can not only sweep up the sales from 'premium' products but they are also profiting from 'economy' buyers as well, rather than economy sales going to competitor companies who use pricing undercut strategies!"

"Yeah, a company I used to work for had a premium brand and a budget brand, it was the same product," a user wrote in response. "Doing this allowed them to get a greater share of the market, both high end and budget."

"I used to buy Quilton all the time until I found this one from Aldi and thought it was pretty similar in quality," someone else wrote. "Now I know why."

Customers shopping for Aldi products
Customers have shared other Aldi products they believe are more expensive brands that have been repackaged. Photo: Getty (Bloomberg via Getty Images)

"My husband and I have had arguments over this... I told him it’s the same but cheaper. He said nope Quilton is way better hahaha," another said.

“This proves we’re right,” one person wrote.

Other users shared products they know are brands you would normally find in other supermarkets that have been rebranded.

"We also see the Tip-Top truck deliver the bread!" one user wrote.

"Also Aldi dishwasher tablet at made by Finish," someone else said.

"One day my Sunnyvale [margarine] had the paper under the lid that said 'Thank you for purchasing Flora'," another added.

In another post in the same Facebook group, more people shared products that had been re-branded for Aldi.

"The beetroot, pineapple and other tin foods are Golden Circle," one commenter wrote.

"[UP&GO] - I know this for a fact as I know someone who worked high up at Sanitarium," another said.

"The Mexican food is repackaged Mission," someone else added.

"By the look of the packaging, I'm sure the large tub of high protein yogurt is Chobani. Tastes the same," another said.

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