Adele raves over 'profound' self-help book after shedding 44kg

After shedding a huge 44kg, Adele is singing the praises of a ‘profound’ book that made her ‘soul scream’ and helped her to reassess her life and what makes her happy.

The newly-single singer, 32, took to her Instagram account on Saturday to share a photo of the cover of Glennon Doyle’s autobiography, Untamed: Stop Pleasing, Start Living, and urge her followers to read it as well.

Adele posing in front of Beyonce's Black Is King
Adele, 32, has lost a whopping 44kg. Photo: Instagram/Adele

“If you’re ready - this book will shake your brain and make your soul scream,” she gushed.

“I am so ready for myself after reading this book! It’s as if I just flew into my body for the very first time. Whew! Anyone who has any kind of capacity to truly let go and give into yourself with any kind of desire to hold on for dear life - Do it. Read it. Live it. Practice it. We are a lot! But we are meant to be a lot!.

“‘A good life is a hard life!’ Read this book and have a highlighter on hand to make notes because you’ll want to refer back to it trust me! I never knew that I am solely responsible for my own joy, happiness and freedom!!

“Who knew our own liberation liberates those around us? Cause I didn’t!! I thought we were meant to be stressed and dishevelled, confused and selfless like a Disney character! ProBloodyFound!! You’re an absolute don Glennon.”

The cover art of Glennon Doyle's autobiography, Untamed: Stop Pleasing, Start Living
Adele is raving about Glennon Doyle's autobiography, Untamed: Stop Pleasing, Start Living. Photo: Instagram/adele.

The #1 New York Times bestselling author herself hopped into the comments to thank her ‘soul sister’ Adele for her kind words:

“I love you, my soul sister. Thank you for this. You are the ultimate goddamn cheetah. Love, Hope, Sisterhood- Glennon,” she wrote.

Fellow pop star Katy Perry also popped up, writing, “There she is!”

The “Someone Like You” hitmaker’s fans couldn’t help but share their disappointment that the post didn’t hint at her new music.

One follower boldly asked when Adele would be releasing her followup to 2015’s hit album, 25, to which she replied, “I honestly have no idea.”

Adele praises ‘The Queen’

Adele’s literary recommendation comes two weeks after she fan-girled out over Beyoncé’s new visual album, Black Is King.

“Thank you Queen for always making us all feel so loved through your art,” the Grammy Award-winner wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo showing her kneeling underneath a TV.

It’s previously been claimed that Beyoncé and Adele ‘bonded’ over their weight loss journeys and sharing fitness tips.

Adele at the 2016 Brit Awards
Adele reportedly has a 'new lease of life' since starting reformer pilates with her friend, Ayda Field. Photo: Getty Images


Meanwhile, Adele’s former trainer Pete Geracimo previously insisted she never wanted to get ‘super skinny’.

“As Adele's former London-based personal trainer, it's disheartening to read negative commentary and fat-phobic accusations questioning the genuineness of her amazing weight loss,” he wrote.

“When Adele and I started our journey together, it was never about getting super skinny. It was about getting her healthy. Especially post pregnancy and post surgery. When 25 dropped and the tour announced, we had to get ready for a 13 month gruelling schedule. In that time, she warmed to training and made better food choices.

“As a result, she lost considerable weight and people took notice. Her body transformation was splashed across every media outlet. The attention it generated was mind-blowing.”

Adele on her 32nd birthday
Back in May, Adele shocked fans when she shared this photo for her 32nd birthday. Photo: Instagram/Adele

Adele embarrassed

A source spoke to Heat magazine and revealed all the attention has been a little overwhelming for Adele since she revealed her incredible weight loss journey on her 32nd birthday in May.

"Adele is finding the attention very embarrassing. She admits that although she may now look the best she ever has, she still gets incredibly self-conscious about her appearance,” the insider said.

Apparently, Adele has a “new lease of life” since starting reformer pilates with her friend, Ayda Field.

In the words of Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde, “exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy” and Adele has certainly looked happy again, after the heartache of her split from her husband back in April.

Additional reporting by Sarah Carty.

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