ABC News Breakfast stars mocked over hilarious wardrobe mishap

ABC News Breakfast hosts were forced to address a "serious issue" on Wednesday morning as viewers pointed out a wardrobe mishap.

Hosts Michael Rowland and Catherine Murphy were presenting the breakfast show when Catherine said "some viewers have noticed something".

"You're seeing what you're seeing, there's a lot of pink on the show today," she said.

Michael Rowland and Catherine Murphy on ABC News Breakfast.
Michael Rowland and Catherine Murphy address the wardrobe mishap. Source: ABC

Catherine, who was wearing a pink blouse, was seated next to Michael as he sported a pink pinstripe shirt.

Zan Rowe was also seated on the couch in a pink top alongside sports presenter Tony Armstrong, who donned a hot pink puffer jacket.

Weatherman Nate Byrne then jumped into the shot to reveal he was wearing a pink shirt under his waistcoat.

Referencing the hit film Mean Girls, ABC News Breakfast tweeted a video of the hosts addressing the issue with the caption, "We promise we were not trying to make pink happen. But today (on Wednesday) we wore pink. How fetch is our team this morning?"


News Breakfast reporter Stephanie Ferrier, who also donned the colour on Wednesday, tweeted her neon pink outfit was a "completely coincidental choice".

Tony, who was originally wearing a black shirt and pants before putting on the puffer jacket, said producers had made him change from a pink outfit before the program, and he was now wearing the jacket in "protest".

ABC News Breakfast stars sit on the couch in their pink outfits.
ABC News Breakfast stars show off their pink outfits. Source: ABC

Fans lost it on Twitter over the hilarious wardrobe gaffe, with many saying the segment was "fun".

"That was fun. Loved all the pink, especially the jacket," one said.

"Looking good guys," another commented.

"Total team dressing," a third added.

Today show's embarrassing wardrobe gaffe

The latest wardrobe mishap comes after Today stars and senator Jacqui Lambie all wore matching blue outfits on Monday's show.

Posting a photo of the four women on Instagram, Today captioned it, "Da ba dee da ba di", referencing the song Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65.

Today stars and Jacqui Lambie wearring blue outfits.
The four women donned similar blue outfits on Today on Monday. Source: Instagram

Fans used it as an opportunity to resurface a clip from 2017 where leaked footage showed presenter Amber Sherlock ordering reporter Julie Snook to change after they both wore white outfits alongside a guest who was also wearing white.

"Amber Sherlock won't like you all in the same colour," a fan joked before Amber responded, "I quite like the blue actually .. I only have ownership over white."

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