Abbie Chatfield slams Sam Frost's vaccine video: 'Makes no sense'

Former Bachelor star and outspoken advocate for Covid-19 vaccines Abbie Chatfield has taken aim at Sam Frost's emotional video, in which the Home & Away actor revealed she is unvaccinated.

Taking to her Instagram account on Sunday the reality star and podcast host in particular called out Sam's reasoning for not getting the vaccine, saying it "makes no sense".

Abbie Chatfield
Abbie Chatfield says Sam Frost's vaccine video 'makes no sense'. Photo: Instagram

In the video which has since been deleted, Sam Frost explains she is not vaccinated and "there are a few reasons why I am not".

"I've spoken to my doctor and psychologist about it and I'm going to keep that private," she added.

But Abbie pointed out that people with genuine medical exemptions have the same freedoms as vaccinated NSW residents from today, October 11.

"If you have a legitimate medical exemption, you're fine. You're treated the same way as a vaccinated person," Abbie said.


"So it's either her medical exemption isn't legitimate enough for her to have that or she has it and is choosing not to use it. It makes no sense.

"Also the people who do have legitimate medical exemptions are the ones who I see posting begging for everyone to get the vaccine because they're the people who are at most risk for Covid.

"They're not doing videos crying on the floor talking about being a second-class citizen…," she added.

Sam Frost vaccine video
Sam Frost deactivated her Instagram account following the swift backlash. Photo: Instagram

NSW Health explains 'a permanent/temporary medical exemption to a COVID-19 vaccine is where an individual has been assessed by an authorised medical practitioner as being permanently clinically unsuitable to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. This is because the individual has a permanent medical contraindication to the vaccine.'

Abbie had previously commented hit out at Sam's clip, saying: "So brave to 'come out' as putting yourself as an individual above your community because you listen to misinformation. Another reality star bites the dust."

Sam Frost deactivated her Instagram account following the swift backlash to her video, in which she spoke about the “harsh judgement” and "segregation" people who aren’t vaccinated are experiencing and how it is impacting her mental health.

“I was really hesitant about doing a video or even speaking up about this sort of thing, but I feel like it's getting to a point now in the world where there is a lot of segregation,” she said.

Channel Seven has also since responded after Home & Away star's video, clarifying its stance on Covid-19 vaccines for staff.

"Seven strongly encourages vaccination for all our people and all Seven productions strictly adhere to the public health Covid-19 safe protocols," a Seven spokesperson said in a statement to Daily Mail.

"All Home and Away cast and crew also undertake Covid-19 testing three times a week in addition to other preventative measures."

The network confirmed Sam Frost continues to work on the popular soap and "follows the safety protocols in place."

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