Kyle and Jackie O's anti-vax producer forced to work from home

One of The Kyle and Jackie O Show's producers has reportedly been forced to work from home after refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Pedro Vitola, who lives in Sydney's west, wasn't in the studio on Monday morning, with Kyle Sandilands telling listeners it's because he's anti-vax.

Kyle and Jackie O
Kyle and Jackie O's producer Pedro Vitola has been forced to work from home after refusing to get the Covid jab. Photo: Instagram/Kyle and Jackie O

"Where's Pedro?" Kyle asked, with an in-studio producer telling him, "He's working from home."

The host responded, "Oh, because he's still 'I'm not vaccinated'. Stupid prick. What a bloody pain in the arse."

"You can't say that!" Jackie 'O' Henderson told him.

Pedro has previously described himself on-air as anti-vax and "into conspiracies".


According to Daily Mail, in late July, Kyle asked him if he's an "anti-vaxxer", to which Pedro responded, "I am, but I won't be discussing it."

Last month Pedro also shared that he didn't want to get the jab because he's young and healthy and that it's a "personal choice" to get vaccinated.

When pushed on the matter and asked what he would do if KIIS FM enforced a "no jab, no job" policy, Pedro said he still wouldn't be getting the vaccine.

Kyle and Jackie O team
Pedro (pictured on Jackie O's right) has admitted on-air before that he's anti-vaccinations. Photo: Instagram/Pedrocuz

An ARN spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle, "ARN are keen to do our part in helping Australian businesses get back on their feet and for everyone to reconnect face to face in the community.

"Vaccination is the pathway to getting there. To make it easy for people to get vaccinated, everyone at ARN can receive paid vaccination leave to ensure more flexibility when scheduling and attending their vaccination appointment."

They added, "While we understand vaccination is a personal choice, in line with NSW government health orders people who are from LGAs of concern and are not vaccinated are required to work from home."

ARN's Chief People Officer, Angela Ewers also said in a statement, "We’ve pledged to join the Great Aussie Vaccine Drive because at ARN we are about creating quality connections every day and part of that is through the relationships we form and foster with each other in real life. We’re keen to do our part in helping to get Australian businesses back on their feet, enable our people to reconnect face to face and to see the audiences we serve, back out and about in their communities.

"Vaccination is the pathway to getting there, so this is just one small way we can be part of the road-map out of COVID."

Kyle has been very vocal about his support of the Covid vaccines, going so far as to write a song titled 'Get Vaxxed Baby'.

The song is a remix of Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’, changing the lyrics to: “Alright stop, vaccinate and listen.”

Other lyrics in the song are: "Too many people think vax is a scandal, take two shots and COVID’s handled."

The host told listeners that he wrote the song because "the only way an Australian will respond to anything is with a good jingle", and confirmed that he wasn’t paid by the government to make it.

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