Abbie Chatfield claps back at anti-vaxxers' comments: ‘Ridiculous’

Abbie Chatfield has spoken out against anti-vaxxers who labelled her a “mean girl” after shutting them down for having a “sook” when she started preparing for NSW to reach its vaccination target.

The Love Island Afterparty host, who has been vocal about her support for vaccines and lockdowns, received backlash after posting a TikTok showing off the outfit she wants to wear for her first post-lockdown outing.

Abbie Chatfield mean girl TikTok.
Abbie has received backlash after posting about her social plans after lockdown. Photos: TikTok/abbiechatfield

Abbie has now responded to the numerous hate comments and death threats towards her on her Nova podcast It’s A Lot, saying that it’s “ridiculous”.

“All of the anti-vaxxers are having a sook, like ‘you’ll thank us freedom fighters later’,” she began.

“I’m like, ‘okay anyway, I’m going to pick my outfit now for when I go to a restaurant because I actually don’t give a sh*t what you’re doing anymore’”.


The 26-year-old went on to discuss the specific insults she has received, including comments about her “tone” and claims that she is a “mean girl”.

“I just want to discuss how sexist that is and how ridiculous that is,” she remarked.

Abbie Chatfield smiling.
Social media users called Abbie a “mean girl” and a “pick me girl”. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

“They’re saying I have ‘mean girl energy’ because I’m being patronising to people that are anti-vaxxers,” she said, before adding with a laugh, “Sorry, but if you aren’t getting the vaccine, you do need to be spoken to like that.

“During The Bachelor, people were calling me a ‘mean girl’ because I was sexual, because they had this idea of a one-dimensional woman. And now they’re calling me a ‘mean girl’ because I’m outspoken.

“And I think this idea of a ‘mean girl’ is so interesting because I don’t think I’ve ever been mean to anyone on TV or on the internet. I think I’ve called people out when they literally threaten my life or threaten me with violence or when they say silly things. Sorry, I’m going to say you’re being silly.”

Abbie Chatfield mean girl podcast.
Abbie says she is the “opposite” of a “pick me girl”. Photos: Instagram/itsalotpod

Another insult Abbie has recently been called is a “pick me girl”, which Urban Dictionary defines as “a girl who goes out of their way to impress boys and make them seem that they’re ‘not like other girls’”.

“Some of these insults I’m like okay, you can think that, whatever,” she said.

“But ‘pick me?!’ Please get the definition right because I am literally the most opposite of a ‘pick me’ I think in this nation. I spend my time yelling at strangers on the internet about feminism and vaccines. That f**king annoyed me.”

The podcast discussion comes shortly after Abbie teamed up with Facebook Australia’s ‘Don’t Be a Mis-Influencer’ campaign to ensure social media influencers aren't spreading Covid-19 misinformation.

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