Sunrise hosts reportedly 'refuse' to work with unvaccinated staff

Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and David Koch are reportedly refusing to have their hair and makeup done by unvaccinated staff members.

The presenters, along with Sunrise newsreader Edwina Bartholomew and executive producer Michael Pell, are fully vaccinated and will only work with members of the beauty department who are also vaccinated, according to The Australian.

sunrise hosts david koch and nat barr
Sunrise hosts will reported only work with vaccinated hair and makeup staff. Photo: Channel 7

Both Kochie and Nat received their first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine live on air earlier this year, with Edwina, who is currently pregnant with her second child, also sharing when she got the jab on her Instagram.

Concerns were reportedly raised with Seven management, after Kochie voiced his fears for his pregnant colleague Edwina, as well as himself being in a higher risk category because of his age at 65.


The network is then said to have placed a ban on unvaccinated make-up staff, citing concerns that any hair and make-up freelancers, who work on other TV programs, could bring the virus into Seven studios.

pregnant sunrise host edwina bartholomew
Edwina will also reportedly only work with vaccinated beauty staff. Photo: Instagram/edwinabartholomew

Kochie had previously fired up on Sunrise about vaccinations being mandatory in the workplace.

During an interview with federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg, he said it was “stupid” to be optional in a pandemic.

"This is stupid. You’ve got to give clear guidelines to say that people should be vaccinated. It‘s a health emergency," he said, with the treasurer saying it would "depend upon the individual circumstances."

But Kochie didn't agree, saying: “That's too wishy-washy. I think you’re leaving employers out to dry."

The news also comes after Sunrise's Edwina Bartholomew as hit back at an anti-vaxxer who commented on an Instagram post, calling vaccinated people "poisoned".

"I've noticed ALL poisoned vax people all [have] that same look – pale and this general lost look in their eyes," the user, whose name is Mick, wrote. "Something is happening to all of you poor jabbed people, I pray every day for you all."

Edwina joked, "That's a lack of spray tan due to the lockdown, Mick."

She screenshot the interaction and added the hashtag "#GetVaccinated" as well as a gif of Lisa Simpson making the 'loser' hand gesture.

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