Abbie Chatfield responds after accusations of breaking lockdown rules

Abbie Chatfield has clapped back at a social media user who accused her of breaching lockdown regulations.

The I’m A Celebrity champion, who has been vocal online about her support for vaccinations and lockdowns, defended herself on Thursday following criticism for getting her hair done.

Abbie Chatfield's hair after and before.
Abbie was questioned when she posted a video online with freshly dyed hair. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

After sharing a video late last month showing off her “two inches of regrowth”, Abbie was questioned by someone when she took to Instagram this week with freshly coloured hair.

“How’d you get your hair dyed in lockdown?” they commented on her post.


The 26-year-old responded and explained that she got it done “legally in a Covid safe environment with the correct permits”, and it was a necessity for her upcoming work.

“I’m very lucky that it got done but I didn’t seek it out or request it, it’s a part of a job that I have coming up,” she added.

However, the user doubled down and said her answer sounded “a bit Scomo-ish”.

Abbie Chatfield's new hair.
Abbie said she got her hair done “legally in a Covid safe environment” for work. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

“I’m not running the country, but okay?” Abbie began her lengthy reply. “Every person on TV has had their hair done, no one has requested it.”

The ex-Bachelor star went on to say that it’s “bizarre” there are different rules for each industry, but that is the reason why she didn’t post about her new hair directly because she “didn’t want to rub it in anyone’s face”.

“Media is still being produced, there are endless exemptions for travel, producers, camera/sound people, hair and makeup, catering etc that you don’t see because it doesn’t have a permanent effect like getting your hair done does.”

She also detailed that the exemptions require multiple Covid tests, checking in, social distancing and mask-wearing.

“This is literally a requirement of my job. I am an employee for a large media company. I don’t know how else to explain that to you.”

Abbie Chatfield on The Drum.
Abbie has been very vocal about her support for vaccinations and following health orders, appearing recently on The Drum to discuss her stance. Photo: ABC

The It’s A Lot podcast host joins a number of media personalities who have been getting their hair touched up for appearances on camera.

While hairdressers are currently closed under the current lockdown restrictions, TV networks have exemptions for hair and make-up services.

A Channel 9 spokesman told that hair and makeup personnel are authorised workers “due to the nature of productions” and they “must wear PPE and submit to regular surveillance Covid testing”.

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