Abbie Chatfield brought to tears over health scare: ‘Freaking out’

Abbie Chatfield has urged her social media followers to do a regular breast check after having a health scare of her own on Wednesday.

The 26-year-old took to Instagram to detail how she found a “dimple on her breast” and started “freaking out” thinking it was cancer.

Abbie Chatfield crying.
Abbie Chatfield was brought to tears over her recent health scare. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

“Hey besties, has anyone ever had a dimple on their breast that didn’t end up being breast cancer?” she asked with teary eyes at the start of her Stories.

“‘Cos I’m kind of freaking out right now. If any doctors could reply to me or anyone that’s had a dimple on their breast, like a normal cheek dimple but next to their nipple, that would be great.”


Abbie went on to explain that after she made the discovery, she started “literally having a panic attack”.

I normally wouldn’t post this but I am honestly about to lose it. And I’ve booked an appointment tomorrow so no one tell me, ‘go to a doctor’,” she added.

“I’ve booked one, it’s just at the moment it’s hard to get appointments and I’m just a bit scared, so if could DM me if you’re a doctor or if you’ve had a dimple be anything except for cancer, that would be great.

“Because right now all I’m doing is googling it, and all that’s coming up is that it’s severe breast cancer and I’m not coping."

Abbie Chatfield's health update.
Abbie updated her followers shortly after and said she was “feeling better”. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

In a follow-up post not long after, the I’m A Celebrity winner revealed that she had a Telehealth appointment that eased her worries.

“The doctor said it could be one of many things including trauma/scarring,” she said.

"Going to GP tomorrow. Thank you for the messages, feeling better. Gonna leave that up though as a reminder to do a breast check.”

Abbie’s self-love reminder

Abbie’s health update come shortly after she posted an inspirational throwback snap poking fun at her teenage self.

Abbie Chatfield throwback post.
Abbie recently shared a throwback post about self-confidence. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

The It’s A Lot podcast host shared photo booth images from her high school formal in 2011, where she had “black box dyed hair” and “dark blue smokey eye”.

“A reminder to not care too much what I look like because no matter how much effort I put in, I’m going to cringe at myself in a decade,” she wrote.

“Also to anyone in high school, don’t care too much what boys think of you because you will look back at photos in 10 years and have to use every last brain cell to remember their names.”

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