Abbie Chatfield calls for MAFS' Jack to be removed from the show

The reality TV veteran has slammed the controversial groom after his dinner party comment.

Abbie Chatfield has called out Married At First Sight groom Jack Dunkley after he made one of the most shocking comments ever heard on the reality show.

During Wednesday night’s dinner party, Jack got into a very heated argument with Lauren Dunn which only escalated when he told her husband Jono McCullough to “muzzle your woman”.

MAFS’ Lauren Dunn and Jack Dunkley.
MAFS’ Jack Dunkley told Lauren Dunn’s husband Jono McCullough to ‘muzzle your woman’ during Wednesday night’s dinner party. Photos: Channel Nine

The show’s experts were absolutely gobsmacked by Jack’s outburst, and now reality TV veteran and outspoken feminist Abbie Chatfield has shared her thoughts.

Abbie, who has become well known for calling out disgusting behaviour from men on her podcast It’s A Lot and reality show FBoy Island, took to her Instagram Stories during the episode to express her outrage.

“Watching MAFS with mum for the first time this season and WHO IS THIS LOSER,” she wrote. “I wish I was there when he said ‘Put a muzzle on your woman’. Can you f**king imagine.”


The former Bachelor star went on to label Jack a “sick freak” for saying he hopes there’s a couple swap this season so another groom can sleep with his wife Tori Adams and he doesn’t have to.

“This man should be kicked off the show,” she said. “What a revolting pig in every way. And he’s lucky I’m above insulting someone’s looks.”

Abbie also called the other grooms “weak f**king rats” for not backing Lauren up at the dinner party, including intruder Ridge Barredo who told the cameras he would’ve “lost it” if someone said that to his partner.

“Sorry you don’t get any points saying you only stand up for women when they are close to you,” she remarked. “Thought he did something there.

“He seems like a nice guy from the two mins of screen time I have seen but like… nah.”

Abbie Chatfield on her Instagram Stories.
Abbie Chatfield was outraged by Jack’s comment and said he should be removed from the show. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

Expert Mel Schilling reacts to 'jaw on the floor' moment

MAFS expert Mel Schilling previously spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about some of the biggest scandals to come this season and said viewers will experience “so many jaw-on-the-floor moments”.

“There are some things that come out of some people's mouths in season 11 that I was literally gobsmacked,” she teased.

“Sometimes I think I've heard it all and then one of these participants opens their mouth and something completely unexpected comes out and I think, ‘Wow, I didn't think it could get any worse and there it is’.”

She added that there are several participants this season who behave in ways that are “absolutely abhorrent and inappropriate”.

“There are so many interesting dynamics that happen between people that you wouldn't even expect,” she shared. “It's like this constant continuation of different little dramas going on the whole time. It’s not one big one, it’s loads of little ones. I think it’s much more interesting actually.”

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