MAFS fans spot major 'editing fail' in experts scene: 'Doesn't add up'

Did you notice this strange detail?

From Lauren Dunn’s glass of “green” wine to the many questionable “franken-edits” that chop and change the participants’ sentences, it wouldn’t be a season of Married At First Sight without an editing fail.

This week, eagle-eyed fans noticed a very surprising detail that casts doubt on the order certain scenes are filmed.

MAFS experts Mel Schilling and John Aiken.
MAFS fans have spotted an odd ‘editing fail’ in Monday night’s episode. Photos: Channel Nine

During Monday night’s episode, experts Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling and John Aiken were shown discussing the new intruder couples - including Michael Felix and his new groom Stephen Stewart after Michael’s original match Simon Flocco quit the show after the buck’s night.

The trio are sitting around two coffee tables with Alessandra wearing a black and white dress, Mel rocking a hot pink frock and John dressed in a black suit.

What’s particularly interesting about the scene is it looks exactly the same as when the experts discussed the original couples in week one - complete with the same crockery on the coffee tables.


One observant viewer pointed out the similarity in a popular Facebook group and questioned how the experts filmed a scene discussing Michael and Stephen on the same day they would’ve discussed Michael and Simon's pairing.

“Something doesn’t add up,” they wrote. “On tonight’s episode (Monday 19th) Michael married Stephen and before the wedding, there’s a scene where the experts discuss the match and say they were determined to find a new match for Michael.

“John Aiken says that four weeks later (assume it refers to four weeks after the buck’s and hen’s night) they found a new match for Michael. Yet here are stills taken from episodes 1 and 14, where they are discussing who they’ve matched and why. Exact same setting, clothing etc, clearly shot at the same time. So how does this four-week gap work?”

MAFS experts Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling and John Aiken in episode 1 and episode 14.
Fans questioned how the experts were in the same outfits in episode one and episode 14. Photos: Facebook/Channel Nine

Fans share their theories on the edit

While some fans questioned whether the scene was simply recreated for continuity purposes, others concluded that all of the expert discussions were filmed at the same time towards the end of the experiment.

“I think they were wearing the same fits in all of these takes for all couples. Must be filmed after all ceremonies have taken place and well into filming,” one person commented.

“They might’ve been told to give a complete rundown of the entire season in that one sitting and they cut the footage to match the episode to save time?” another suggested.

“I picked this up too, but then I realised that this was all likely shot in post,” a third wrote. “Not everything is shot in sequence basically.”

Someone else also pointed out the similarities to The Voice, where the coaches wear the same outfits throughout the Blind Auditions so the producers can chop and change footage across different shooting days.

“It's TV... Nothing is recorded in a timeline,” a different user remarked.

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