MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Bizarre moment cut from Madeleine and Ash's intruder wedding

One wedding guest reveals the big day was even wilder than what aired on TV.

Psychic medium Madeleine Maxwell has already been dubbed Married At First Sight’s “craziest bride ever” following her chaotic intruder wedding.

The 30-year-old former Home and Away actress, who previously went by the name Maddy Jevic, explained during her introduction that she can audibly hear things from spirits and often receives “psychic downloads” from her guides.

 MAFS’ Madeleine Maxwell and Ash Galati at their wedding.
MAFS’ Madeleine Maxwell and Ash Galati had one of the most chaotic weddings during Monday night’s episode. Photo: Channel Nine

Her psychic abilities were on full display in Monday night’s episode when she argued with “voices” during her piece-to-camera interview and expressed doubts about her new husband Ash Galati after receiving a negative “download” about him.

While guests in attendance were clearly taken aback by Madeleine’s quirky personality and odd decisions - including the fact that she improvised her wedding vows - an insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that her wedding day was even wilder than what aired on TV.


One wedding guest tells us that “everyone was confused” by Madeleine’s eccentric behaviour and the fact that “she kept trying to produce the show”.

“Madeleine kept pausing the ceremony to direct the camera operators, sound guys and producers herself,” they share. “Halfway through her vows she’d suddenly stop, turn around and shout things like, ‘Can I get a close-up shot here?’ and other demands.”

Viewers saw a snippet of Madeleine breaking the fourth wall at her wedding when she walked down the aisle, looked directly into the camera and asked, “They’re recording everything? The whole time?”.

MAFS’ Madeleine Maxwell looking at the camera.
At one point during the wedding, Madeleine looked directly into the camera. Photo: Channel Nine

Madeleine accused of being a 'fake bride'

The insider went on to share that once people found out Madeleine was a former actress, her “demands” towards the crew made sense as she has plenty of experience on a TV set.

Meanwhile, the original cast members in attendance immediately suspected that she was a “fake bride” and “producer plant”.

An additional source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that there was often a “power struggle” between Madeleine and the show’s producers throughout filming.

Paparazzi pictures taken at her wedding on August 28 at Sydney’s Oatlands House show her having tense chats with different producers throughout the day.

Before her appearance on MAFS, Madeleine starred on 55 episodes of Home and Away as Amber Simmons and had roles on Upper Middle Bogan, Wentworth Prison and Offspring.

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