Abbie Chatfield's awkward slip-ups during first Love Island Afterparty show

Abbie Chatfield enjoyed her live hosting debut on Thursday night's first episode of Love Island Australia Afterparty.

While the former Bachelor star received rave reviews, she did suffer from a few slip-ups, which one can probably expect with any new live TV show.

bachelor star Abbie Chatfield Love Island Afterparty
Abbie Chatfield suffered a few awkward slip-ups during her hosting debut on Love Island Afterparty, but fans loved seeing her on TV. Photo: Nine

The 26-year-old was interviewing season one Love Island stars Josh Moss and Amelia Marni halfway through the show when she stumbled over her lines.

"Josh and Amelia... Do you remember when you? Sorry. Josh and Amelia, when you first... wow," she said, surprised at herself.


Ever the professional, she gave herself a quick moment and then continued, "Let me just get the feelings out of me. I'm just so hyped up about it. I can't find my words either now!"

After recovering, she then had a live video call with host Sophie Monk, who said to Abbie, "I've been watching your show live - you could be the new Ellen DeGeneres! This is my favourite show!"

"She got cancelled, Soph!" Abbie replied, a little surprised.

Making things more awkward, however, was the silence that followed due to the fact Sophie clearly couldn't hear her response.

Abbie didn't let it get to her and added, "She had a good run though... So it's a miracle the show is even happening now!" referencing the fact lockdowns almost stopped the show from going ahead.

Later, the pair spoke of Taku Chimwaza, a fan favourite on Love Island, with Abbie saying, "I know he smells good," with Sophie agreeing, but then adding, "I think it changes so drastically," seemingly still answering a question about who her favourite was.

Abbie Chatfield and Sophie Monk on love island after party
There were a few awkward moments as Sophie Monk's earpiece was clearly not working properly. Photo: Nine

It didn't stop fans from sharing rave reviews for Abbie, with one person commenting on her Instagram that she is a "TV host extraordinaire".

"YOU nailed it tonight!" another wrote.

"Wow, Abbie this is seriously so bloody awesome!! Killing it," a third wrote.

On Twitter, one person wrote, "Am really pleased with Abbie. She's done an amazing job and has come out on top! Congratulations to her!"

"Oh I feel sorry for Abbie, that was a bit of a fumble but she’s doing so well for her first hosting show," another said.

"Abbie's presenting skills are so good," someone else agreed.

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