Woman's Bunnings husband search gets X-rated response

A woman has revealed some of the X-rated and cringeworthy responses she received from people, after she filmed a video of herself ‘looking for a husband’ in Bunnings.

Leesh Cunningham, from the Central Coast in NSW, shared multiple clips to TikTok showing her wandering the aisles of the popular hardware store in search of a hubby, even asking a shop assistant if they had any men “left in stock”.

leesh looking for a bunnings husband
Leesh filmed a video of herself ‘looking for a husband’ in Bunnings that went viral. Photo: Instagram

Now, the 26-year-old has shared some of the proposals she received off the back of the video, which went viral last week.

She told the Daily Mail her Instagram DM’s have been “blowing up”, but also revealed she said she is still single.

“The ones that have all the confidence are like 50-year-old men though, so still no real prospect there but you never know,” she told the publication.

And while she’s been getting plenty of messages, there were definitely a few cringeworthy ones, with a sone people even sharing more X-rated offers.

“Your Bunnings videos are hilarious. If you want to make one with a happy ending (you found your Christmas wish), I would be happy and honoured to play the part,” was one reply she shared.

bunnings husband tik tok video
Leesh asked for help and even held up a sign. Photo: TikTok

Leesh said she decided to try a more “traditional” approach to dating after giving up on Tinder and online dating sites.

All up, she filmed herself visiting the store two times with no luck, despite asking staff for assistance.

“I’m just looking for a husband and I was told you guys have them here,” she asked one employee in the clip.

Happy to play along, the worker said they had in fact been “flying off the shelves” and she might find some left in the “back corner”.


Though much to Leesh’s clear disappointment, there were none in said back corner, or in the tool shop, and no plumbers in the plumbing section, or any handy hubbys in the outdoor area.

She even tried holding up flyers that said “looking for a husband” and included her (not real) phone number.

Funnily enough one man did message her afterwards, but it was only to inform her he'd been inundated with texts after she actually used his phone number by accident.

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