Bunnings fans lose it over 'hot husband' in photo

A woman’s backyard transformation has gone viral in a popular Bunnings Facebook group - though not only for the stunning results of her hard work, but rather the person who helped her put it all together.

“We have worked so hard to get the backyard and front gardens ready for our 3 kids for summer. I am so proud of our efforts,” Natalie posted, alongside some photos of the final back and front yard areas.

bunnings backyard
Natalie wanted to share her backyard transformation online. Photo: Facebook

“It has truly transformed the outdoor area and kurb appeal!!! Totally obsessed with this green wall. It's a UV protected faux green hedge from Bunnings and the retaining wall colour is Taubmans Kara Sea,” she also explains in the post for her fellow Bunnings fans, before sneaking in a photo of her helpful husband.

“Oh and the gardener is pretty cute too,” she said.

Little did Natalie know that the photo of her ‘gardener’ - aka husband Jake - would garner much more attention than any of her other photos.

She tells Yahoo Lifestyle she was laughing so much at the comments she couldn’t help but show him how popular he was on the group.

bunnings hot husband
But it was her husband jake aka the 'gardener' that stole the show. Photo: Facebook

“I showed him the comments because he was asking why I was laughing so much,” Natalie tells us. “He was really embarrassed at the comments at first but the more I read the funnier it became.”

“We were laughing for hours then comments got turned off because they were getting more and more explicit.

“He's a very quiet and humble person so he's not used to that kind of attention especially so direct,” she adds.


The last photo on the post has received over 1.4k likes and plenty of comments that were indeed hilarious, with plenty of people wondering whether the ‘gardener’ was also available from the popular hardware store.

“Definitely left the best pic for last, oh the garden looks fab too,” one person joked.

“Which aisle of Bunnings are the hot guys in?” another asked.

“God have mercy on my ovaries,” was another comment.

While a fourth said: “It looks amazing! But don’t hire the gardener out, or you will n-e-v-e-r get him back!”

“Did you see the rebranded mr muscle at Bunnings?” another said, sharing the post with a friend.

bunnings garden transformation
She says they are so proud of the results. Photo: Facebook

Natalie was also happy to answer any questions about the actual project in the post.

“We did it together but most of the labour was him for obvious reasons,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“The fence is quite high so I held them up and he screwed it all in. In his words 'I had the vision and he just helped me to complete it'.”

In the post she joked about how much they were laughing at the reaction.

“Thanks for also making Jake's head inflate,” she commented back. “Expected a few likes but not these comments. We are laughing our heads off.”

bunnings natalie and jake
Natalie and Jake had a good laugh about the comments. Photo: Supplied

There was also a few Bunnings fans still going through their second lockdown in Melbourne that said they were very appreciative of the funny post.

“This post has been the best. Stuck in Melb not allowed to go into Bunnings!!! See this hedge which looks amazing. Then read the comments OMG you have made my night!!! Way to funny with all the husband comments,” was one comment.

Not everyone was happy with the direction the conversation had taken, with one user pointing out the hypocrisy of some of the comments

“Jesus how thirsty are all these woman? It's gross af. Imagine if a bunch of blokes were making these types of sexualised comments.”

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