X-rated wedding bouquet leaves social media in stitches

A very NSFW-looking wedding bouquet has gone viral on social media after being shared to a Facebook group.

The photo features a number of bouquets that have been decorated in a way that makes them appear quite X-rated.

Bridesmaid wedding bouquets
A wedding bouquet with a very NSFW detail has left social media users shocked. Photo: Facebook

The stems were wrapped in a purple fabric with what looks like strings of fake pearls wrapped around the bases with a shell stuck at the bottom, making them look like a male appendage.

The person who made the bouquets proudly shared them online, writing, "Made all these for like less than 50 bucks." Her post was then quickly shared to another group.


"I thought she'd put flowers on dildos [to be honest]," one Facebook user wrote.

"But why are they penises?" another wrote.

Bride and bridesmaids
Many commenters thought the bridesmaids likely had a good laugh about the bouquets privately. Photo: Getty

"These are bouquets for the bachelorette only," someone else joked.

"It took me a second to see the problem. Then, ohhhhhhhhh," another said.

"I'd rather have my bridesmaids carry nothing over these," one added.

"I wouldn't have shelled out money for that," another joked.

One user commented saying the bride, who shared the photo in the first place, never noticed it looked X-rated until commenters pointed it out to her.

Some users didn't totally hate the look.

"The really sad thing is that the arrangements themselves look lovely, why ruin it with those tacky holders?" one user wrote.

"Sad part is these would probably be fine if you just took the shell off the bottom," another agreed.

Others thought the bridesmaids probably had a good laugh about it.

"I bet at least one disgruntled bridesmaid that was roped into crafting this ridiculous thing noticed and internally laughed the rest of the night then pointed it out to everyone else," someone else added.

"The bridesmaids definitely took funny pictures with these," one said.

Not exactly the reaction the bride was likely hoping for!

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