Experts reveal X-rated way to have a better sleep

When it comes to getting a better night's sleep there is probably not much we're not willing to try.

As it turns out there is a rather simple - and enjoyable - activity you can do before bed to get more shut eye, specifically better REM sleep.

Close up of passionate young couple having sex on bed
Apparently sex before bed is perfect for better sleep. Photo: Getty

REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) is seen as the most important stage of our sleep cycle as it stimulates areas of the brain essential for learning and memory. REM should make up around 23 per cent of our sleep.

According to a recent study, having sex before you switch off for the night can have a huge impact on your REM sleep.

Sleep experts at TheDozyOwl had 1,652 participants in a study to look into the impact having sex, specifically what positions, has on our REM sleep.


The study found that having sex before bed can increase REM sleep by an average of 8 per cent, with men seeing a 12 per cent average increase, whilst women only see a 2 per cent average increase.

Alex Ion, an expert in the study added: “Women being more mentally stimulated during intercourse than men who are more physically stimulated. Women, are therefore more likely to be alert after sex, whereas men are typically tired after ejaculation.”

Participants also tried out one of twenty-five popular positions over a three month period, revealing the sex positions that improve our REM sleep the most.

young couple sleeping in Bed together
A study revealed sex before bed can increase REM sleep by an average of 8 per cent. Photo: Getty

Doggy style is the sex position that increases REM sleep the most with participants seeing a 43 per cent increase

The lotus position (39%), the eagle (35%) and the bridge (30%) are among the sex positions that increase REM the most.

On the flip side, the corkscrew before bed has been found to decrease REM sleep the most – by 26 per cent.

Horizontal 69 (22%), the spider - which involves the you straddling your partner, who is seated in a chair (17%) and standing sex (17%) are also among the sex positions that will decrease your REM sleep.

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