Aussie pub hit with complaint over 'humorous' chicken schnitty joke

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An Australian pub manager was left shocked after finding out a customer lodged a complaint over a joke about chicken parmigiana on a menu.

The complaint, which was sent to The Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission, was over a promo for the different ways they cook chicken that read, "How do you like your breasts?"

Chicken breast joke
An Australian pub manager was left shocked after finding out a customer lodged a complaint over a joke about chicken parmigiana on a menu. Photo: Facebook/The Litchfield Motel

The Litchfield Motel's Little Ripper Cafe Bar and Bistro manager Roisin McElwee shared that she was shocked by the offence.

"We don't want to offend people but we don't see how a play on words, a pun that relates to chicken breasts and the toppings that go on your parmis has so much of an effect they go to anti-discrimination," she told The NT News.


"It was brought to light as a talking point, a second glance sort of thing that makes you turn and go 'ha, look at that'."

Roisin even shared that she spoke with two breast cancer survivors about whether they may be offended by the joke and they said no.

Chicken Parmi
Most customers seemed to be supportive of the motel's use of humour. Photo: Facebook/The Litchfield Motel

"We're really upset, really hurt by it because we're a new business venture starting up in a very hard year and then for something so small that is a humorous thing, a play on words, it's actually quite hurtful," she said.

"The magnitude is very minimal compared to what's going on in the world. All my family in England are in lockdown ... count your blessings rather than picking on a small family business.”

Now, the motel has decided to use the new attention they're receiving for good and donate a dollar to breast-cancer research for every schnitzel and parmi sold in the next month.

With no legislation forcing them to take the joke down, the motel will keep it on display.

Taking to their Facebook page, they asked their customers if they thought it was "humorous or offensive"?

"FFS people bigger things in life to worry about than a play on words, grow a pair will ya," one commenter wrote.

"What’s offensive is that these people are allowed to try and damage a local business and remain faceless," another added.

"I reckon half of these types of complaints come from someone who’s salty AF they didn’t think of it first. See you soon for dinner."

"Some pathetic people have nothing better to do than look for the offence in everything!" someone else wrote.

"Well stuff them! You keep on asking people how they like their breasts!! I’ll have mine with gravy chips and salad thanks!!!"

"Humorous of course," another said, while someone else added it was "very clever".

On Instagram, one user joked, "I've been keeping abreast of the news this AM and saw on the today show some boob was s***ty about your schnitty description. The underwire is that you should feel supported.”

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