Wow! Zendaya’s ponytail is *so* big it must be full of secrets

We're really obsessed with this super-cute and talented actor, you might have heard of her? Her name is Zendaya? Like mononym. Just Zendaya. Ok yes, we can't stop writing about, talking about, and thinking about Zendaya. But it's not our fault. Guys, just look at the material she keeps on serving. We're just doing our duty as beauty journalists and tbh, people keep reading, so clearly you guys can't get enough either.

Of course, over the weekend we caught sight of another incredible hair look from Zendaya, at a press junket for Challengers, and it's glorious. Let's just take a moment...

The day's interviews are sure to be juicy, because the only explanation for hair that big is that it's full of secrets.

While the interviewer scores an absolute hoot of laughter from the actress, telling her her character in the film, Tashi Duncan; 'ain't shit', the only thing bigger than the laugh was her hair.

Styled in a giant bouffant ponytail straight out of yesteryear, the star's hair was slicked back and fastened into a top knot ponytail, before huge amounts of bouncy, honey-golden curls cascaded down around her shoulders, billowing up into a beehive on its way down. It's only when she leans forward that you realise just how far down her back the hair goes.

We love that Zendaya's style knows no bounds, she can go from an ethereal goddess to super modern and right around to retro housewife, with such ease. She really never limits herself and that's part of her magic.

This look isn't her only beehive of the last few days, just look at this classic bow-topped style from earlier in the weekend.

challengers tour hits los angeles
Eric Charbonneau - Getty Images

Sorry, but she is absolute perfection. This film's 2 hours and 1 minute (to be precise) can't possibly measure up to the hours of entertainment the press tour has given us.

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