Woolworths: The new items to hit shelves that you need to know about

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Woolworths have a heap of new products.
Woolworths have a heap of new products.

Are you in need of a sweet treat stock-up, so you have something on hand for when the 3 pm sugar cravings hit?

Or maybe you’re more of a savoury fan, and you want to know the latest and greatest salty snacks to try.

TikTok account keeps us informed of all the new snacks

Jen, the creator of the popular TikTok account @ntheresheeats, regularly posts round-ups of the newest products available at Woolies.

Her account has over 23.6 thousand followers and has racked up an impressive 1.2 million likes.

Her slideshow style clips, set to the background of popular TikTok sounds, are the perfect way to stay on top of all the deliciousness hitting your shelves every week.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Woolies products to have come out recently:

Kellogg's Nutri Grain Peanut Butter Crunch, $6.95

Kellogg's Nutri Grain Peanut Butter Crunch from Woolworths

Nutri-Grain is already a top-tier cereal choice.

It’s the one you used to always reach for, only to be disappointed when your Mum made you put it back to get cornflakes instead.

The sweet, crunchy cereal can be eaten with milk at breakfast time as intended or on its own as a trail mix-type snack.


This new peanut butter flavour is crusted with crushed peanuts and peanut butter flavour (inspired by Bega PB) which means that there’s even more protein-packed into the fibre-rich cereal.

Maltesers Popcorn Flavour Share Pack, $4.50

Maltesers Popcorn Flavour Share Pack from Woolworths

Maltesers are popular for cinema trips.

The sweet malty choc pairs perfectly with salty popcorn - many people like to empty a packet of Maltesers into their popcorn box and enjoy the snacks together.

Now, Maltesers have made it easy to skip out the middle man by making the chocolate itself popcorn-flavoured!

Peters Drumstick Plant Based Classic Vanilla Cones, $8.40

Peters Drumstick Plant Based Classic Vanilla Cones from Woolworths

Many brands have been jumping on the vegan train, which is amazing as it means that everybody can indulge and enjoy their favourite snacks.

Following the popularity of the plant-based Magnums and Streets Cornettos, iconic Aussie brand Peter’s has just released a pack of plant-based vanilla drumsticks.

It tastes exactly as you remember it, with creamy vanilla ice cream, hard chocolate topping, and crushed peanuts.

Tim Tam Deluxe range, $3.50

Tim Tam deluxe range from Woolworths

Tim Tam Deluxe is a new range of decadent, ultra-indulgent spins on the classic Aussie biscuit.

The deluxe range includes four new delicious flavours and has been named by happy customers as the most chocolatey, irresistible biscuit ever.

All deluxe Tim Tams have an extra chocolate coating and an extra gooey centre.

The range includes Triple Choc flavour, Salted Caramel Brownie, Dark Choc Mint and Dark Choc Raspberry Tart.

Oak Caramel White Chocolate Flavoured Milk, $2.80

Oak Caramel White Chocolate Flavoured Milk from Woolworths

After all this snacking, you’re going to need something to wash it down.

Enter the new flavour from everybody’s favourite flavoured milk brand, Oak.

They’ve just released a Caramel White Choc flavoured milk.

An irresistible smooth, creamy golden-coloured drink that will keep you going back for more.

Hot Cross buns, from $3.50

Even though Easter is still a few months away, we know by now how quickly the weeks fly by.

That’s why Woolies already have their hot cross bun range in stores.

The usual contenders - plain, fruit and chocolate - are all accounted for, but there are also a few newbies to pick up next time you’re in a store.

Woolworths Free From Gluten Fruitless Hot Cross Buns, $4.50

Woolworths Free From Gluten Fruitless Hot Cross Buns 4 Pack

Just because you’re gluten-free doesn’t mean you should miss out on the deliciousness that is a hot cross bun.

‘Nuff said.

Enjoy, celiac cuties!

Woolworths Luxurious Fruit Hot Cross Buns, $4.50

Woolworths Luxurious Fruit Hot Cross Buns 4 Pack

Indulge in these luxurious versions if you want something a bit fancier than your average bun.

Instead of your run-of-the-mill sultanas, they’re made with Australian vine fruits, cranberries, native cinnamon myrtle and candied orange peel.

Kellogg's Sultana Bran Hot Cross Bun Flavour, $7.50

Kellogg's Sultana Bran Hot Cross Bun Flavour from Woolworths

And a special mention has to go to his delicious-sounding cereal.

This is the perfect alternative if your parents don’t let you chow down on hot cross buns for breakfast.

The wholewheat flakes are hot cross bun-flavoured and tossed with cinnamon and sultanas.

Pringles Minis Cheese Multipack 5 Pack, $3.20

Pringles Minis Cheese Multipack 5 Pack from Woolworths

We didn’t forget about our salt-loving friends!

These Pringles mini packs are perfect for when you’re going somewhere that’s not entirely appropriate to bring a giant tube out of your back and fish around in it - yeah, Pringles have never been the easiest snack to eat on the go.

These minipacks are already available in Ready Salted and Chicken flavour, but they’ve just released the Cheese flavour for all the dairy fans.

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