Air fryer Oreo hack going viral on TikTok: 'So good!'

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We're always up for trying the latest food trends doing the rounds and one that certainly meets our approval is this Oreo air fryer hack that transforms the already delicious cookie into a next-level treat.

TikTok user, Hasan Hamad, who goes by Hasam Eats, has clocked up 4 million views of his take on the air-fried battered Oero hack in just one week, so you know it must be good!

Hasan Hamad step by step images of the Oreo air fryer hack from his TikTok video.
Hasan Hamad recreates the Oreo air fryer hack trending on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/@hasaneats

"Fried Oreos in 3 minutes, now y’all gotta try this!" he writes on his post.

Hasan demonstrates his method, using a commercial pancake mix as the batter which he mixes with milk instead of water.

"1/2 cup of pancake mix and 1/3 cup of milk for the mix," he explains in the comments.

He then coats the chocolate biscuits in the batter and pops them in his air fryer. Just three minutes later he has golden treats that, after sprinkling with icing sugar, are ready to eat.


"OMG AIR FRIED PROTEIN OREOS ???!! Yes maaam !!!" one follower wrote reacting to the fact that the pancake mix he used was a high protein one.

"Y’all gonna put the state fair out of business," another added.

"I have always done this but fry it but also in the end after you add the powdered sugar top it off with a slice of strawberry on top so goooddd," Krystle wrote in the comments.

Like deep-fried Mars bars, it's little wonder that they are a popular treat and by air frying or baking them, you do save a little on the calorie count.

Another way of making these sweet treats is wrapping them in crescent roll dough as shown by Bijou Alley on her TikTok account last year.

Chef Bij, as she refers to herself, wraps the Oreos in the pre-made commercial pastry before air frying them for eight minutes to make sure the pastry is golden brown.

Bijou Alley uses crescent roll dough with her air fried Oreos. Photo: TikTok/@bijoualley
Bijou Alley uses crescent roll dough with her air fried Oreos. Photo: TikTok/@bijoualley

And when she breaks open the fried Oreos, they are "super warm and soft"!

While pre-made crescent dough is harder to find in Australia, we're pretty sure that these will taste pretty good no matter what pre-made or homemade dough you wrap them in.

But given we live Down Under and our national biscuit in the TimTam, we couldn't help but wonder what these would be like given the same treatment. Of course, someone has already done it.

Melbourne TikToker Daniel McNiff has almost 19,000 views for his video of TimTam bombs, as he calls them.

And of course, TimTam's official TikTok page even gives us a pretty slick demonstration of how wonderful they can be.

Time the warm up the air fryer!

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