Woolworths shopper floored by kind act at supermarket: 'Couldn't stop smiling'

Supermarket employees around the country are brightening up lives with random acts of kindness.

A Woolworths customer was "shocked" to receive an unexpected gift after shopping at her local supermarket. Sharing her experience on Facebook, the NSW woman revealed exactly what happened.

"So, went to my local Woolies and they asked if I wanted some flowers for free," she wrote. "Yes, please!" The woman went on to explain how a store employee then gifted her a $35 bouquet of flowers. What's more, she then paid the kind act forward by giving the blooms to her mum.

Two bunches of Woolworths flowers
Woolworths shoppers are flocking online to share photos of flowers they've received while shopping at their local supermarket. Photo: Facebook

The post went down a treat with other shoppers, with hundreds of people liking the post and saying they were blown away by the kindness. "That is really lovely of them. I am sure your mum will enjoy them," one responded. "What a wonderful gesture," added another.


Dozens of other people shared similar experiences they've had while shopping at their local supermarkets. "My local Coles did this the other day to me," one said. "Wonderful gesture as my day was s**t up until then."

Woolworths storefront
Woolworths team members have been handing out free flowers to customers on a discretionary basis for some time. Photo: Getty

Another woman shared how her three-year-old daughter had received a free bunch of flowers at their local Woolies. "We had something similar happen to us," she said. "A Woolies lady gave my daughter a bouquet and my daughter was so chuffed. She was smiling the whole time we were shopping.

"Since then she's wanted to gift someone else flowers to make them feel special," the woman added. "So one morning, we went in and bought some flowers and my daughter gifted them to a lovely old lady."


"Shout out to the staff at Woolworths in Baldivis," another shopper echoed. "Thank you for my free bunch of flowers. They are beautiful. Didn't expect it at all, was just there shopping for groceries."

Woolworths responds

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, a Woolies spokesperson said that it's actually not that unusual for staff members to show customers random acts of kindness. "We try to bring a little good to our customers every day," the spokesperson said.

"This is just one example of the many acts of kindness our team members perform daily. These unexpected gifts often pop up on a discretionary basis and will vary across our stores all over the country. We hope the customer enjoyed the gesture."

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