Shoppers go wild for The Reject Shop's nostalgic $4 room sprays: 'Amazing'

Fill your home with the scent of your favourite Chupa Chups lollipop.

It's not every day you come across a bargain buy that takes you right back to your childhood, but The Reject Shop is now offering Chupa Chups scented room sprays for just $4 and according to customers, they are worth every cent. Blogger Foodie Mumma Ren, who shares must-have supermarket finds on her Facebook page, shared the funky-smelling find with her 26,000 excited followers, with her post quickly racking up thousands of comments and likes.

"Can confirm they are AMAZING," one fan replied. "They smell great," agreed another, while a third fan said: "I love mine!! Prefer the grape over the mango." The room sprays are available in a range of scents including Mango, Grape, Strawberry and Cream, Cola and Cherry and are available in-store and online.

Chupa Chups flavoured room sprays
Foodie Mama Red shared the new room sprays with her excited followers on Facebook. Photo: Facebook/@foodiemummaren

The nostalgic '90s scents have been sending shoppers wild, with people who've tried them saying things like, "Next-level living," and "I've never been more interested in cleaning products."


While there was some debate as to whether the sprays actually smell as good as they look, the general consensus is that they were everything you'd hope them to be.

"The grape is so worth it. I got it today, sprayed it after I cleaned my house, went out, came home and all I could smell was the grape," one happy shopper commented.

But that's not all...

Chupa Chups body mists
Chupa Chups scented body mists are available at Woolies. Photo: Woolworths

If you think Chupa Chups room scents are exciting, there's also a whole range of Chupa Chups body mists available at Woolworths featuring deliciously sweet scents like Ripe Raspberry, Coconut Crush and Gorgeous Grape.

Looks like these candy-inspired room sprays will soon be found in every home across Australia.

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