Woolworths employees in stitches over customer's hilarious notes: 'Priceless'

A supermarket staffer has shared a collection of amusing notes from a customer's online order.

A Woolworths employee has brought a smile to the face of her fellow workers by sharing hilarious examples of quirky behaviour from a regular shopper. "My favourite customer is back," she posted on Facebook, along with a photo of nine online order notes.

The notes include everything from recommendations on the best pre-mashed potato, to quips about the customer's diet, right through to an amusing admission about eating broccolini. "BEST. MASH. EVER," screams the first note, referencing frozen mashed potato from Bell Farms. "Try it, trust me."

Woolworths customer notes
A Woolworths customer has given team members a good laugh with unusual online order notes. Photo: Facebook

A note about substitutions for diet soft drinks reads, "Only sub with no sugar drinks. Gotta watch that waistband." The customer uses another note, attached to an order of Sanitarium long-life soy milk, to ponder the production of said item: "It's amazing that people can milk soy beans for this milk."


The notes go on, covering topics such as cat litter, avoiding diarrhoea, and healthy eating. "Baby trees," reads a note appended to the customer's broccolini order. "Makes me feel like a dinosaur when I eat them!"

Woolworths customer notes
No subject is off limits for this Woolworths customer. Photo: Facebook

The staffer's colleagues were overjoyed by the post, with many wishing for their own quirky customers. "Why don't we have cool customers like this?" one asked, tagging a teammate. "Why aren't ours this good?" a second Woolworths worker echoed.

Woolworths customer notes
It's easy to see why the Woolies customer who left these notes is an employee favourite. Photo: Facebook

"What the actual hell? This is priceless," a third Woolies worker replied. Meanwhile, another Woolworths team member admitted the customer's antics were just what the doctor ordered. "Not much makes you smile these days on a shift," the employee responded. "But that certainly does!"

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