New sweet treats Woolworths shoppers are going mad for

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Woolies has a host of new treats shoppers are getting excited over. Photo: Getty

Undoubtedly, Woolworths has been killing the snack game recently. There’s been the Chatime bubble tea kits, Slush Puppie squeezies, and churro-flavoured Turtle Chips.

And they’re continuing to give us the goods! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’re going to be maxing out your debit card with the influx of new desserts available now at Woolworths.

M&m's Bubble Gum Ice Cream Cones 4 Pack, $8.50

Inspired by childhood 50c treat Hubba Bubba, M&M’s have released a bubblegum flavoured ice cream cone.

The new trumpet-style ice cream is chronicled in @updatesbylina TikTok, with nearly 1500 views, where she cuts the cone open to reveal the vibrant pink and blue ice cream.

M&M bubblegum ice cream from Woolworths
Inspired by Hubba Bubbe, this ice cream cone tastes exactly like bubblegum! Source: Woolworths

“Look, the colour runs all way through, and you get a beautiful chocolate tip,” she says in the clip.

Her taste test reveals the ice cream’s flavours are “bubblegum, summer, fun”.

An inside shot of the blue and pink bubble-gum flavoured ice cream. Source: TikTok
An inside shot of the blue and pink bubble-gum flavoured ice cream. Source: TikTok

Bubble O’Bill Ice Cream 4 pack, $9.00

And it’s looking like bubblegum season. As part of Woolies Summer Ice Cream classics range, they’ve also released a multipack of the iconic Bubble O’Bill - previously only available to buy as a single.


The sweet treat is made from strawberry, caramel and chocolate ice cream, with a solid chocolate backing and a giant bubblegum nose.

TikTok user @nidhushar26 documented the discovery in a video that’s garnered hundreds of likes.

Bubble O'Bill 4 pack from Woolworths
The Sheriff is back in town! Source: Woolworths
@nidhushar26's TikTok showed the new ice cream in the Woolworth's freezer section. Source: TikTok
@nidhushar26's TikTok showed the new ice cream in the Woolworth's freezer section. Source: TikTok

"Totally have these in my freezer!" one user said, having beaten many shoppers to the punch.

Pro tip: if you prefer your ice cream in a tub, they’ve also released that version of the Bubble O’Bill ice cream, with bubblegum-flavoured candy pieces swirled throughout.

Whittaker's Peanut Butter & Jelly Chocolate Block, $5.50

If you're feeling nostalgic about schoolyard lunches, dig into a bar of this.

New Zealand chocolate brand Whittakers have combined creamy peanut butter and tart boysenberry jam for an additive chocolatey treat.

Whittakers Peanut butter and Jelly chocolate fromWoolworths
A deliciously modern take on a childhood classic. Source: Woolworths

The new addition to Woolies' confectionery aisle was featured in the @ntheresheeats TikTok video.

User @tofuspicy showed her appreciation for the sweets being shared by commenting, “honestly, you’re all I’ve ever needed in my life”.

Haribo Sour S'ghetti, $2.40

If you prefer your lollies with a bit of a kick to them, get your hands on these new Haribo Sour S’ghetti, also highlighted in the @ntheresheeats video.

The thin strands are coated with extra-sour, lip-puckering sugar and feature Strawberry, Apple and Blue Raspberry flavours.

Haribo Sour S'ghetti from Woolworths
Zing! Wake up your tastebuds with this candy. Source: Woolworths

Cadbury Caramello Bauble Bag, $2.50

In another @ntheresheeats video, this one viewed over 35K times, she shows the new Cadbury Bauble bags that have just hit the Woolworths shelves.

They come in Caramello, Dairy Milk, and Caramilk flavours.

Christmas is still a few weeks away, but that doesn’t mean we need to wait that long to eat Christmas themed chocolate - no way! Dig in ASAP.

Cadbury Caramello bauble bag from Woolworths
Creamy milk chocolate with a gooey, delicious caramel centre. Source: Woolworths

Peters Original Twin Pole Vanilla Choc, $5

Guys, guys, Twin Poles are back! The nostalgic icy treat is back on shelves after a decade of being discontinued.

They're available at Woolworths in Vanilla Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, and Pineapple & Raspberry flavours.

TikTok users went wild when they saw the old-school ice block. "Wait...the twin poles are back?" one user commented. "Going looking for them this morning." someone else said. "The twin poles are really good!" a third agreed.

Twin Poles in Vanilla Chocolate flavour from Woolworths
It's been too long - we're so glad you're back in our lives, Twin Poles! Source: Woolworths

Oak Gingerbread Flavoured Milk, $3.20

If it’s a sweet drink you’re after, why not try the new Gingerbread-flavoured Oak milk?

Creamy, smooth, with just that bit of ginger kick that keeps you sipping until, before you know it, you’ve downed the whole carton.

Oak Gingerbread flavour from Woolworths
Get amongst this new Christmassy flavour to get yourself in the holiday mood. Source: Woolworths

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