Woolworths fans go wild as Chatime bubble tea lands in store: 'So excited'

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Woolworths bubble tea on TikTok
Bubble Tea has landed in Woolworths. Photo: TikTok/@sta.nicolaidis

Chatime opened its first Australian store in 2009 and pretty quickly became a bubble tea phenomenon.

It now has over 70 stores and is a staple treat yo' self drink for many boba-lovers.

Thanks to their newest product, now you don’t even have to leave your house to enjoy your bubble tea.

Chatime drops new Woolies range

Chatime has come to your local Woolworths supermarket.

In a mysterious, hard-to-get (very cool) fashion, the Chatime drop was barely advertised and kind of just showed up on our shelves. It’s not even currently advertised on the Chatime Aussie website.


Instead, our good Gen Z informants have helped spread the word by showcasing the products on TikTok.

TikTok user @ntheresheeats posted a video yesterday about the new range and has so far racked up over 60 thousand likes and been shared 9 thousand times. The enthusiasm in the comments is clear.

“OMFG’, ‘we need!!’, ‘NO FRICKEN WAY’, ‘Let’s buy!, ‘RUN TO THE STORE’ are all comments under this video.

Another TikTok user, @sta.nicolaidis, posted a taste test of the new kits, trying the Peach and Mango flavours. She showed the super-easy 3-step assembly of the drinks - the iced tea packet, the pearls, ice and water and captioned that they were ‘pretty good’. Her video has been liked over 17 thousand times and has almost 2 thousand shares.

The official @chatimeau TikTok commented on her video, saying, ‘Thanks for sharing Anastasia and happy sipping!! We hope you find them as TEA-licious as we do’.

The other comments on her video were equally as excited. “I want one so bad”, one user said.

"I'm so excited for these," another person said.

Chatime Bubble Milk Tea with tapioca pearls from Woolworths
Make sure you get the OG Chatime - Bubble Milk Tea with tapioca pearls. Source: Woolworths

Chatime Bubble Milk Tea With Pearls 7 Pack, $10

Get your hands on this OG goodness. The sweet, milky drink contrasts perfectly with the included tapioca pearls. If you’ve never tried Bubble Milk Tea before and haven’t wanted to splurge the $7-8 for one drink, here’s a budget-friendly way to give it a go.

Chatime Peach Iced Tea from Woolworths
The peach iced tea comes with fruity popping pearls. The black tea base makes it refreshing but not sickly sweet. Source: Woolworths

Chatime Peach Iced Tea With Popping Pearls 4 Pack, $10

The refreshing peach iced tea is made with peach and black tea extract and comes with mango and strawberry popping pearls.

Chatime Oolong Milk Tea from Woolworths
Oolong Milk tea's taste is creamy and buttery-tasting, and can be made even sweeter by adding the brown sugar jelly. Source: Woolworths

Chatime Oolong Milk Tea With Brown Sugar Jelly 4 Pack, $10

Oolong is a strong-flavoured traditional Chinese tea that turns into the perfect amount of sweet when mixed with milk. Cater to your sweet tooth even more with the brown sugar jelly.

Chatime Mango Iced Tea
Fruity and summer, the Chatime Mango Iced Tea is the perfect thirst-quencher. Source: Chatime

Chatime Mango Tea With Popping Pearls 4 Pack, $10

Mango is the quintessential summer fruit, which makes this the ultimate summer drink. The drink is green tea based and comes with mango and strawberry popping pearls that explode even more flavour in your mouth.

Chatime shaker from Woolworths
Take your bubble tea skills to the next level with the Chatime shaker. Source: Woolworths

Don’t forget to complete your purchase with the Chatime tea shaker, $15, to be the ultimate bubble tea mixologist!

These products are obviously flying off the shelves, so they’re currently showing as out of stock on the Woolies website. However, we’ve heard they’re still available in certain stores, so it’s worth checking out your local supermarket. Our recommendation: run, don’t walk.

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