$3 Woolworths buy shoppers are loving: 'Unreal'

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We Aussies love our snacks. Whether it is the humble Cheezel or sophisticated French cheese with artisan crackers and quince paste, we love to bring them out at any opportunity.

Our love of snacks has also seen a rise in the popularity of grazing platters, whether sweet or savoury, you can expect to see one at every major celebration these days.

It's no wonder that people are always on the lookout for something new to add to their snacking repertoire.

So when South Australian Sammy Dyer's girlfriend Chelsea stumbled upon the $3 Orion Turtle Chips Choco Churro on the shelves at Woolies, he happily took to TikTok to try them out and was blown away.


Turtle Chips at Woolworths
Sammy's discovery of this unusually flavoured chip at Woolies has seen fans seeking out the snack. Photo: Woolworths & TikTok/@Sammy_Dyer
Orion Turtle Chips Choco Churro
The $3 Orion Turtle Chips Choco Churro on the shelves at Woolies has blown a TikToker away. Photo: Woolworths

"Hey yo, turtle chips - churro chips. Unreal! 🔥" he wrote in the introduction to his video.

"Turns out my girlfriend is the CEO of finding weird sh*t in shopping centres," Sammy said in the video introducing the chocolate churros flavoured crisp. Adding: "Tell you what, these are actually damn good -\– go to Woolies now!"

And his followers agreed, quick to chime in about how the Korean brand Orion Turtle Chips were a bit of a hidden gem.

"They are so good," Ally Paige added to the comments.

"The corn one is amazing, I've had like 4 packets in 4 days," TikTok user Paige Louise Smith says. " Taste like the Maggie chicken and corn flavouring for noodles."

"The best! Head to an Asian supermarket and you'll find a few more flavours," Emma added.

However if you've ever spent any time in South Korea, this discovery will not be new to you. Orion Turtle Chips are one of the most popular snacks in Korea, frequently using celebrities to advertise them.

In 2017 they turned to internationally recognised Gangnam Style singer Psy to be the face of their crisps.

Gangnam Style pop star Psy advertising Turtle Chips
Gangnam Style pop star Psy advertising Turtle Chips. Photo: YouTube

The current face of Orion's Turtle Chips is YuJeong from the K-Pop girl band Brave Girls. She was chosen not only because she is one of the most popular K-pop stars, but also because she is known for "looking the most like Squirtle [a turtle character] from Pokemon".

But you'll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on them with many people reporting that their local stores had already sold out.

"My local Woolies don't have these," AussieThingz bemoaned on TikTok.

Right, I'm off to the supermarket then...

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