Sunrise hosts outraged over US blogger's take on fairy bread: 'Alarm bell'

Sunrise hosts have called out some 'controversial' fairy bread techniques by US food bloggers, with one change in particular sparking 'alarm bells' for David 'Kochie' Koch on Wednesday morning.

Newsreader Edwina Bartholomew introduced the story as a "culinary crime to make every Australian parent wince".

She then explained that American blogger @theforeignfork is famous for showcasing meals from every country on TikTok, but her take on the iconic Aussie dish recently had caused a bit of a stir.

"It’s basically white bread, butter, sprinkles or hundreds and thousands on it," the blogger explained in her clip.

But it was her removing of the crusts which drew some backlash, with one person commenting: "Why on earth did you cut the crust off!!!?"


Edwina however questioned the controversy asking her fellow Sunrise hosts: "Does anyone have crusts on fairy bread?"

David Koch was adamant, responding: "Yeah of course!" Whereas Nat admitted she only "sometimes" kept the crusts on. And Edwina agreed saying: "I don't think they're compulsory."

TikTok @theforeignfork fairy bread
American blogger @theforeignfork for called out for removing the crust. Photo: TikTok
sunrise Edwina Bartholomew and tiktok fairy bread
Edwina Bartholomew introduced the story as a 'culinary crime'. Photo: Channel 7/TikTok

The hosts however were less impressed with a previous take on fairy bread by another American, Beau Coffron, known as the @lunchboxdad on TikTok. He first shared his fairy bread recipe in 2020.

In his tutorial, which was played during the Sunrise segment, he also removed the crusts before using peanut butter and 'fancy' sprinkles to complete the snack.

"But is that peanut butter??" Nat asked, watching the clip.

And the others quickly agreed that was the 'controversy' with Kochie saying: "That's an alarm bell!"

"And also those hundreds and thousands are not right," Edwina pointed out.

sunrise hosts nat barr and david koch
Nat and David agreed using peanut butter was wrong. Photo: Channel 7

In response to the crust-controversy, @theforeignfork wrote on TikTok that she had "watched a YouTube video (from an Australian) and she told me to cut them off! I’M SORRY".

"THEN I went to a chat room forum on fairy bread (I’m serious LOL) and people said it could go either way so I chose off. I chose wrong."

Even lunchboxdad Beau eventually conceded he had chosen wrong, after getting his sons to try his peanut butter version of the bread vs a plain butter version with normal hundreds and thousands.

To no-one's surprise the boys chose the plain butter version, proving you just can't mess with a classic like that!

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