Gogglebox stars shocked by surprising supermarket fact: ‘Really?!’

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Stars of Gogglebox Australia were stunned during a recent episode when they learnt that the spices are stacked in alphabetical order on supermarket shelves.

The revelation came about while watching the three-part docu-series Lost For Words on SBS, where a woman learnt the fun fact during her shopping trip at IGA.

Gogglebox star Kaday watching Lost For Words.
Gogglebox stars were shocked to learn the supermarket fact. Photos: TikTok/@gogglebox_au

“It’s in alphabetical order, so what are you looking for?” a man asked her as she searched the shelves.

“Is it? Oh my god! It is!” she replied, while visibly shocked.

Cast member Kaday Kamara, who joined the cast in 2020, also couldn’t believe it, saying, “Really?! I didn’t know that!”


Holly Dalton turned to her mum while watching the show and revealed “I only found that out last week,” while brother and sister duo Tim and Leanne simply laughed.

The clip, which was shared on the Gogglebox TikTok account this week shortly after airing on TV, has received plenty of comments from viewers who also had no idea how the spices were organised.

“I did not know that,” one person wrote, which was echoed by another with, “Wait it is, I seriously didn’t know that!”.

Gogglebox stars' reactions
TikTok users also couldn’t believe the revelation. Photos: TikTok/@gogglebox_au

“I’m a spice fiend and I too was unaware,” someone else shared.

“No genuinely I was so shocked like I couldn’t believe the hours I’d wasted frantically looking around the shelves,” a fourth added.

Coles has since confirmed to news.com.au that their herb, spice and seasoning sections are displayed alphabetically “to make shopping easier for our customers”.

“Coles has a huge selection of herbs, spices and seasonings in individual jars so we have worked hard to make it simple and quick for our customers to find their favourite herb or that special spice or seasoning for a new recipe,” they added.

The SBS documentary shown in the episode, Lost For Words, follows eight Australians taking part in a nine-week adult literacy program.

The grocery store discovery is just one of the small victories viewers bear witness to as the students embark on a life-changing journey.

Hosted by Jay Laga’aia, all three episodes of the series are available to stream now on SBS On Demand.

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