Woolworths customer's baffling discovery in egg carton

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A Woolworths customer has been left frustrated and baffled after discovering what appeared to be glue in her carton of eggs.

The Aussie shopper took to Facebook after she opened a carton of six free-range Woolworths brand eggs, only to discover they were cemented in place by what she assumed was glue, an adhesive situation that resulted in half the eggs cracking when she tried to remove them.

6 Free Range Woolworths eggs delivery broken eggs 'glue'
A delivery of eggs went well and truly awry for one Woolies shopper. Photo: Facebook

Posting to Woolworths' Facebook page, she shared several snaps and videos of the egg palaver, writing that she lost half her eggs in the ensuing chaos.

"Hi, can someone please tell me why my eggs were glued down?" she wrote in the explosive post. "To the point where I tried to lift them and they cracked?"


"I have 3 out of 6 salvageable eggs now."

Photos show three eggs cracked in half, their contents spilling across the carton, while a fourth egg is intact, but appears to have some kind of adhesive stuck to its base.

Image of egg with cardboard stuck to bottom and Woolworths egg carton with broken eggs
The shopper assumed the eggs had been stuck down with some kind of glue, after spotting adhesive on one fo the few eggs to survive. Photo: Facebook

Many took to the Facebook post to point out the purchase, made through click and collect, is probably not a case of clandestine egg gluing but more likely some simple mishandling by the delivery workers.

"The carton was probably dropped, resulting in small cracks, the whites leaked out and dried gluing the eggs to the carton," one person wrote.

On closer inspection, it appears that the adhesive is, in fact, part of the cardboard that's been stuck to the egg by the leaked whites, a more understandable but equally frustrating situation.

It seems this shopper isn't the only one to find her egg delivery lacking, others reported that they have had the same thing happen to their deliveries.

Broken eggs in Woolworths egg acrton
It was a eggy mess inside the carton. Photo: Facebook

"I've had that happen before, but not so many at once," one woman wrote. "I always assumed it was a faint crack in the shell and the white of the egg leaked out. Never had it happen to half the eggs in the carton though."

A Woolworths spokesperson didn't comment on the allegation of egg sabotage but did offer an apology and refund to the irate shopper ion the comments.

"We鈥檙e disappointed to see the eggs you bought in this state," a spokesperson wrote. "We know how frustrating it is to get home and find your eggs already cracked. Please feel free to bring them or your receipt back to the service desk when you鈥檙e next in store for a full refund or replacement."

Woolworths store. Responds to egg glue accusation with refund offer
Woolworths offered a refund., and it's not the first time they've come under fire for a whacky online delivery mishap. Photo: Getty Images

It's not the first time a shopper has been left furious by a delivery mishap.

Late last year, a shopper saw red after her order for toilet paper was replaced with two packs of incontinence pads instead.

In a furious rant shared to the Marrickville Ranting/Complaints group, the shopper unleashed on the supermarket.

"You know when the toilet paper hoarding bastards are at it again?" they wrote. "When you order toilet f**king paper in your Woolworths f**king delivery, and they SUBSTITUTE with incontinence pants! That's f**king when!"

"What brilliant mind in Woolworths thought that the solution to not having toilet paper is to GO IN YOUR PANTS???" they questioned, before adding, "And they put enough thought into it to give us his and hers options."

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