Westfield gift card loophole sends internet into a spin

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An Aussie model’s Westfield gift card hack has been called ‘life changing’ after she discovered a nifty loophole with the vouchers.

Newcastle model Alex Davidson took to her TikTok to let her followers in on the information, after she discovered the pieces of plastic can be used anywhere Eftpos cards are accepted, even outside the shopping centre.

Woman in her car talking to the camera about a Westfield gift card loophole
A woman has sent the internet into a spin over a little known Westfield gift card hack. Photo: TikTok/alexdavidson_

“I just thought I'd let you all know that if anyone in your family is giving you gift cards for shopping centres as a whole, it's kind of annoying, I don't really enjoy that,” she said.

“But if people are doing that, literally it is an Eftpos gift card, it is not just for the shopping centre.

“How are they going to know? How are they going to know if the gift card is not going to be spent at a store? Like if it can be used at any store in our shopping centre, it can be used at any of those stores anywhere. Does that make sense?”


Alex went on to explain that she found out about the loophole after being asked to do a photoshoot at a shopping centre where she lives.

The woman said she would pay her in gift cards, with Alex telling her she would prefer cash.

However, the woman let her in on the ‘secret’, telling her that the cards could be used anywhere with an Eftpos machine.

Westfield gift card
Westfield gift cards can be used at any retailer with an EFTPOS machine. Photo: Westfield

Needless to say, many people were gobsmacked by the information online, with one person writing: “This is genius”.

Another person called it a ‘game-changer’, while one person commented saying they use theirs at the petrol station.

A Westfield worker commented confirming that the cards do work on any Eftpos machine while another said they work at Woolworths and she doesn’t believe they accept them there.

Others did point out that it doesn’t work at every shop and their has been declined when they’ve tried to use the card outside the shopping centre.

Woman in a black bikini top and jeans
Alex shared the information with her TikTok followers. Photo: Instagram/_alexdavidson

In a statement on Westfield’s website, it states the card is redeemable at participating retailers with eftpos facilities.

“For this reason, we do not feature a definitive list of retailers outside of Westfield on our website for our card – It will work in the same capacity as an everyday debit card,” the website reads.

“While we encourage all retailers within our shopping centres to accept Westfield Gift Cards they are under no obligation to participate in the Gift Card Program.

“Participation is voluntary and participating retailers may exit the Westfield Gift Card program at any time at their sole discretion.

“Gift Card acceptance is at the retailers discretion and some retailers may choose not to accept the Westfield Gift Card.”

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